View Full Version : 8600GT Slim from Galaxy

11-10-08, 11:55 AM
I am currently looking to add in a video card to my s3100n Slimline PC's PCI-E 16x slot...

I know a 8400GS will fit into the slot and work, but I was wondering if there was anything else will a little more power.

I am not looking to run Crysis at high quality, just some older games (BF2, Rainbox 6 Vegas) at a decent quality.

Does anyone know if the 8600GT Slim card from Galaxy will work? (http://www.gfe.com.hk/Product_Details.asp?id=135&class1=1&class2)

The other card I am looking at buying:

Vegas Moon
11-10-08, 02:01 PM
Im no expert. Infact i have joined this site hoping to find help with my new comp but i can help you with this.

My previous comp was a slimline Phillips, XPMCE, 3.2ghz P4 with 2g ram and a lowly 280w psu. I upgraded the graphix last year with an MSI8600GT which although not on pretty settings made CoD4 very playable and even Crysis was enjoyable (although i didnt go further than the demo version). The only thing was lack of ventilation and extended game time made things run very hot indeed. After a lot of research i found the MSI8600gt was the best slimline card available at the time. Hope that helps.