View Full Version : New 65nm CPU *not found* in very new Xbox 360

11-10-08, 03:12 PM
As probably the most prolific single buyer of Xbox 360 consoles on the planet, I would like to pass along news of NOT finding a new 65nm GPU in the latest Xbox 360 I disassembled.

I was in Target and after dodging the usual throngs of people trying to buy dust collectors - I mean Wiis - and I saw they had the new Kung-Fu Panda 60 gig Xbox 360s. The manufacture date and lot number were both well above what had been reported to be the new chips, so I bought it.

Upon taking it apart, it had the same old GPU as before, though there were other further changes to the board even past 60 gig units Id bought a month ago. I have no doubt its coming, and I plan to be the first to find one. But alas, not yet.

Reported elsewhere to have new chipset: Manufacture date 8-26-08 and up, lot number 0831 and up.

Benheck confirmed NO new chipset: Manufacture date 9-4-08, lot number 0836.

In other news, if anyone is interested in buttloads of Xbox 360 casing shells, let me know ;)


11-10-08, 03:53 PM
I have the money, throwing over $1000 into a 360 Elite and games. However, I'm waiting for the Jasper to be readily available.

11-11-08, 01:32 PM
ben heck is a wackjob.