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11-10-08, 05:26 PM
Hey guys, just thought I'd provide a solution to the revolution's sticky wheel problem that I just came up with.

So the problem is that after a few months of use, the "revolutionary free spinning wheel" becomes "all gummed up" and doesn't free wheel anymore. It's more like a regular wheel. At first I figured it was the bearing getting all gummed up or something. Then I read on the Logitech support forums that the common problem is that the piece of rubber around the wheel stretches over time and becomes a bit sloppy of a fit. There is a tight tolerance on the clearance between the wheel and the bottom of the housing inside, so this loose rubber band rubs on it. And thus makes it not free wheel.

My options were
a) file and RMA with logitech and wait weeks for a new one to arrive
b) get a new mouse
c) try and fix it myself

I opted to go for c because if I screwed it up, I can always still go buy a different one. And I don't want to wait for a month for a RMA to go through.

So! Here's what I did.

Tools and supplies:
1 pair of scissors and crazy glue

1) While pinching together from both ends of the wheel (this will make the rubber bit bunch up and allow you to get the scissors underneath it) cut the band with the scissors.
2) Crazy glue one end of the rubber to the wheel
3) While pulling on the other end to stretch it a bit, trim off enough to make the ends meet properly.
4) Crazy glue the other end in place.

Voila! A working free wheeling revolution mouse again. Took me all of 5 minutes to do (including finding my crazy glue and then a needle to de-gunk the nozzle).

Hope this saves someone the hassle of going through an RMA!

01-10-09, 01:20 AM
Followed the advice and Mouse now back to normal and working perfectly. Didn't realise it was so bad until I fixed it.
Many Thanks

01-10-09, 02:18 AM
I would have gone with b. Any excuse to get a new mouse and/or keyboard for me. ::wonder::