View Full Version : Overclocking by mutiplier ok, FSB BSOD's

11-16-08, 05:41 PM
I have a quick question,

Im able to overclock my QX9650 on Evga 790i Ultra SLi to 3.8ghz stable by upping the multiplier and voltage slightly, leaving the ram and fsb at 1333

However, after reading that more advantage can be obtained with a lower multiplier and higher FSB i gave it a try.

So far, ive not been able to increase the FSB past 1400 with a various multipliers to even achieve 3.5 (give or take) I have the ram unlinked and manually set to 1333

Does anybody have any ideas why I can achieve a higher overclock by using the multiplier but pretty much cant overclock atall by upping the FSB ?

Im quite a NOOB with overclocking, Ive spend quite some time reading guides playing around for hours and hours on end etc, but to no avail. Altough im happy that I can get 3.8 stable I just wanted to compare the differences with higher FSB

11-16-08, 07:07 PM
Did you raise any other voltages besides the CPU vcore? If not, it's possible that the "auto" settings for the other voltages such as the northbridge and southbridge are not sufficient.

Try manually setting them to their defaults if they are not already. you can also try raising them an increment or two although it might not be necessary because 1600fsb should be supported by the 790i.

Also, did you try other fsb settings as high as 1500 or 1600? There are fsb holes sometimes and 1400 could be one. Keep the multiplier low, nothing wrong with running 6x just to be entirely sure it's an fsb issue.

11-17-08, 04:01 AM
I did try straight off going to 1600FSB along with other lower settings
I manually set the CPU FSB voltage to 1.35 (one step up from 1.3 on auto)
Altough ive not changed any other voltages.

Ill try lowering the multiplier to 6 etc to underclock thanks for the hint.