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11-18-08, 09:54 PM
Second Expansion for NWN2 have been released.

Also new patch, bringing NWN2 to version 1.21

Neverwinter Nights 2 Game Update 1.21
Patch Notes - November 5, 2008
Bug Fixes
Item costs in the game should match the costs in the toolset.
Party members that have wands with 0 charges will now attack and use spells normally.
When dropping an item, characters will now use the appropriate "drop" animation.
Fixed an issue with opening two bags at once. You will now only be able to open one bag.
The tool tip for the Player Chat menu item will now say Player Chat.
Fixed an issue that caused freecam (console command) to not work properly.
Made several corrections to the Doomgude class description.
Snake's Swiftness, Mass will now affect the entire party.
Hellfire Shield should now play an appropriate sound effect when activated.
Hellfire Blast should now play an appropriate sound when activated.
The description of Hellfire Shield has been changed to appropriately reflect it is an Area of Effect shield.
Weapon Focus: Warmace will now be available to all qualified characters.
The ability score descriptions in character creation have been changed to be more informative and reflect changes to the game.
Fixed an issue that was causing certain AI behavior feedback to be displayed, even after being deactivated.
When the game is paused, a much more noticeable message is displayed.
Aura of protection will no longer provide "No Stacking" feedback.

Item costs in the toolset should match the costs in game.
Changing checkboxes with multiple objects selected will no longer cause the toolset to crash.
Changing dropdown lists with multiple objects selected will no longer cause the toolset to crash.
Fixed an issue where resizing a creature may not have resized the collision spheres.
Fixed an issue where the creature cache was not working properly.
dropdowns generated from 2DAs will no longer start with the wrong row selected.
Redesigned the fields associated with setting Tints to no longer be collapsed controls.
Fixed an issue that caused light and sound spheres to not render at their proper size.
Fixed an issue that caused ceiling tint changes to not show up in the toolset.

New Features
Playable races now have a proper stealth animation.
Added in the AI functionality from TonyK's AI.
In a peer-to-peer multiplayer session, the hosting player may now unpause the game unconditionally.
Added properties associated with the overland map, including camera positioning and the flag to mark the area as an overland map.
Added camera positioning functionality settings in the area properties to support overland maps created by the community.
Added a flag in the area properties to set an area to be an overland map.
Added Campaign flags for Unrestricting NPC level ups (Lets them chose any class at level up)
Added Campaign flags for Conversation Distance limit override.
Added Campaign flags for Turn off party-control character swapping for dialogs on a global level.
Added Campaign flags to enable Party Creation and setting what the size of the party should be.
Added Campaign flags to toggle the new death system.


PlaySound() now takes an optional parameter: bPlayAs2D. This parameter will default to FALSE. Setting this parameter to TRUE will force the engine to play the sound you specified as a 2D sound rather than 3D Positional audio, regardless of what the engine would normally do before.
BeginConversation() now has a parameter that allows you to block the character's 'Greeting' VO from playing.
Added a script function SetScrollBarValue()
Added a script function SetPause()
Added a script function GetPause()

Patch also includles first update to Storm of Zehir campaign

Storm of Zehir Bug Fixes (Spoilers beyond this point) <---highlight below if you want to see it
Storm of Zehir Campaign Fixes
Fixed issues caused by escaping out of the conversation with Dall Nickleplate.
Jan will now return to West Harbor after completing the quest "Whispers in the March."
Characters will now scale appropriately when entering the overland maps.
The quest "Under New Management" has been changed to require both of Port Llast's trade routes restored. This is stated in the new quest steps.
Options to leave the Dusty Gnome Tavern have been added to Leilon's conversation.
Transitioning to an overland map will force the player out of stealth mode.
The amount of treasure has been reduced in the barrow.
When attempting to rest on the overland map, with enemies nearby, a message is now sent to whichever character is currently being controlled on the Overland Map. Previously, only the first PC on the list could ever see the feedback.
The chat log will now report "A nearby enemy interrupted your rest" if you cannot rest because there is an enemy near.
When transitioning to the overland map from an encounter, players will now receive a warning indicating that characters in the "dying" state will die if they complete the transition.
Improved the spawn behavior for the goodie system.
Improved the selection of goods in Jacoby's store.
Improved the selection of goods in the Nimbre Merchant's store.
The quest "Seeking the Truth" will now update appropriately.
On the overland map "Good things will no longer come to those who wait."
Fixed an issue that was causing Haeromos Dothwintyl to have two hair styles at the same time.
Made some adjustments to encounter factions on the overland maps.
Removed a "phantom secret door" from "the cabin."
Adjusted the difficulty of many encounters.
The price to establish a caravan has been clarified so that it requires gold, not trade bars.
Removed redundant options from the temple conversations.
Escaping out of the conversation with Aruna will no longer make her hostile.
The description of Fey Power has been changed. The feat can be taken at level 1, not level 6.
The trade window will now display a message when you do not have any goods or resources.
Manycoins Eramus now heals the entire party, not just the party leader.
Increased skill check DCs in various conversations.

SoZ Crafting
The Adamantine Warhammer recipe will now cost the appropriate amount.
Amulet of Health +6 recipe will create the appropriate item.
The text for the Boots of Speed item recipe have been changed to match the actual requirements.
The recipe for the Cloak of fortification +3 item will now use the proper ingredients and create the proper item.
Armor Enhancement Recipes will provide the correct AC bonus.
The Gauntlets of Ogre Power recipe will now yield the correct item.
Made a correction to the description of the Headband of Intellect +2 recipe.
Made a correction to the description of the Headband of Intellect +6 recipe.
The cost of creating a Mithral Breastplate is now 2100 GP, instead of 5100GP.
New enchantments will override old enchantments of the same type.


11-18-08, 09:55 PM
Dam its out? Man... not cool...

11-18-08, 10:05 PM
yes, it should be in stores now, to many games at the same time.

11-18-08, 10:06 PM
btw, so far seen two reviews, both said that second expansion is much better then the first.

11-19-08, 01:24 AM
I thought MotB was great, played it twice through

11-19-08, 04:58 AM
It seems like this game will get here only in 2009. At least that's what the local supplier is saying.:(

I really enjoyed motb, it was way better than the nwn2 oc.

11-19-08, 01:03 PM
it is out? yeah hopefully i can grab a copy soon

11-19-08, 02:54 PM
My copy should be here in a couple of days. If it is better than MotB, I'll be extremely impressed. MotB was quiet possibly the best D&D RPG since BG2.

11-19-08, 03:13 PM
I still need to complete the original game... I was turned off by a lot of little things the first time I played, but I'm sure patches and such have made it a much better experience.

11-19-08, 03:38 PM
I need to complete MOTB... actually I need to start it...

11-19-08, 04:11 PM
I need to complete MOTB... actually I need to start it...

Same here. I have original CE, MotB on the shelf and SoZ in mail . I haven't even started NWN2 OC yet. Too many games this year (nana2)

11-20-08, 10:03 PM
downloading it now on direct2drive . . . looking forward to getting enveloped in a singleplayer RPG that has some decent story for once. not sure if this one can outdo Mask of the Betrayer, but I'm excited about the new features. i'll post my thoughts after I get some playtime into it this weekend.

11-20-08, 10:22 PM
Ok, quick note on the camera: the latest patch resets it to the exploration camera. The numpad * key still changes modes, and now there are mode buttons at the end of the left hot bar.

Now, to start with, it took a while to put together my part for this, using a new custom characters. The Grey Orc and Yaun-ti Pureblood classes are pretty dang uber. The first battle for a new party is also rather difficult. The new party dialog is great, and I was switching between characters to get the best answers. It also lets you spread the dialog skills around the party members, which means each character will have more skill points to put into other things. The new health system means you have to be careful, too.

After getting through the first fight, I grabbed two characters I went through MotB with (a 30th level fighter and an 18/7/5 Fighter/Weapons Master/Neverwinter Nine), one I used in a mod (12th level Paladin) and one of the prebuilts (18th level wizard), and well, curbstomp doesn't even begin to describe the first fight. It also looks like MotB characters get to keep all of the spirit eater skills, but without the negative effects (I haven't tried using them - I was too busy watching MotB customized bastard swords and long swords carve up the opposition).

So after two hours of play, I'm pretty psyched about the expansion. I'm going to play through with my new characters first, and then I'll probably go on a rampage with my veterans!

12-02-08, 08:59 AM
Huh, so no one's playing this?

I finished the game last night. I had to swap out a couple of my starting characters, as they just weren't getting the job done. My fighter and rogue/shadow thief/ranger ended up getting most of the kills in the game (I had those two so ubered out...).

I wouldn't say this is better than MotB. Actually, SoZ is to MotB what Icewind Dale is to BG2. Lots of areas to explore and lots of things to do. Setting up trade routes was hard at first, but after the first few, the trade bars start rolling in, and finishing the rest is easy. My biggest problem with SoZ is that the main story is too short. I guess MotB spoiled me on that...

Still, its a good, fun, worthwhile expansion pack, and I'll be playing it again (after another run through MotB, after I've finished Fallout 3 and GTA IV). The ending also leaves open the possibility for NWN 3.

12-02-08, 09:05 AM
I will be playing it... next year when the drought begins.

12-02-08, 09:21 AM
I will probably pick this up in a week or so. Need to finish few other things first, these type of RPGs are like drug to me. Sometimes when i start playing, it it hard to stop ;)

12-02-08, 09:33 AM
Do you need to have a NWN2 character for this and MoTB? I played it through but haven't got it anymore and can't be bothered to do so again.

12-02-08, 09:35 AM
no, you can start a new one