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11-19-08, 09:53 PM
In this IGN interview, Codemasters has taken the wraps off DiRT 2, the sequel to the 2007 off-road racer expected next year for PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. The game will focus largely on improving upon the original DiRT, and executive producer Gavin Raeburn promised that the game's graphics, physics, single-player career, and multiplayer features will get some extra attention from the internal Codemasters studio working on the game. In territories outside North America, the game will still be called Colin McRae: DiRT 2, in honor of the legendary rally racing driver who was killed in 2007 in a helicopter accident. The new game will also take inspiration from McRae's late career, according to Raeburn.
IGN: The online features in the original DiRT felt a little compromised - is there going to be significant changes to the multiplayer for the sequel?

Gavin Raeburn: It's all new. You'll see competitive online racing in all race types, plus a progressive reward system and community features which we'll talk more about in coming months.

IGN: With so many disciplines of off-road motorsport included, how do you manage to produce a cohesive package?

Gavin Raeburn: We have to strike a balance. We don't want to restrict what the player can do by saying "car X can only drive on track Y", but on the other hand we don't want to break the believability of the game's career progression with mismatched opponents. In DiRT 2 we'll be going further, looking at game mechanics that transcend race disciplines and vehicles to provide that cohesion. We'll reveal more details in this area soon.

IGN: And being the huge F1 fans that we are, we've got to ask  how is work going with the F1 game, and when can we expect to see anything of it?

Gavin Raeburn: The F1 project is progressing well, although it will be a while before we start showing it. In the meantime, the F1 team have a blog on our community website with which you can stay up to date with developments.



11-19-08, 11:01 PM
Yay, I'll be in for 1.

11-19-08, 11:41 PM
Same, I absolutely loved DiRT, flaws and all.

11-20-08, 12:32 AM
God I hate bullshots, why do they need to pull this ****.

11-20-08, 02:13 AM
lol as if its going to look anything like that in the pics...haha

11-20-08, 06:48 AM
Haha, actually, according to the Press sites, those shots are "Visual targets". Which is just a tongue-in-cheek way of saying "Enjoy these shots, cause our game won't ever look like that".

Anyway, I don't like how they are continuing with the McRae name, I know its a mutual decision, but it makes me a bit uncomfortable. Anyone else concur? IMO, they should've gone with just DIRT 2 or a new name.

11-20-08, 06:51 AM
it will be DiRT 2 in US, and Colin McRae DiRT 2 in Europe

11-20-08, 06:54 AM
it will be DiRT 2 in US, and Colin McRae DiRT 2 in Europe

Wow, thats just amazing.

11-20-08, 09:01 AM
Im in,and I also loved Dirt despite its flaws;)

11-20-08, 11:25 AM
It sure would be awesome if a modern racing game looked like that.

11-20-08, 11:37 AM
Just wonderfull, loved the first game so really looking forward to this :D

11-20-08, 11:39 AM
Good news, but hopefully not such a nasty DRM :D

11-20-08, 03:13 PM
Since those are so clearly concept art I can't see how anyone could be upset about it. If those are visual targets they can at least give us some idea about how the post-processing is going to look in the game.

11-20-08, 03:21 PM
I'm interested but only if they greatly improve the physics/handling and input device compatibility. Game was totally pants with my Rumblepad2 but worked great with my 360 controller. :thumbdwn:

11-20-08, 05:49 PM
And here we go again... Codemasters "screenshots"... :headexplode:

'Target Visuals' (nana2)

I'm fairly sure there does not exist on this Earth a human so stupid as to look at any of the above realisations and actually go "Wow this game looks amazing duuur! So much better than Grid huuur!".

If there is... They seriously need to drop in a hole and die.

11-21-08, 05:51 AM
there are many on this forum that think dirt looked just like the promo shots released, so yes there are people here who will say the same about this game.

11-21-08, 02:45 PM
If you want to see the promo shots for both Dirt and Grid simply install the game and during installation you can see those pictures as well if you want to! They are very clearly not how the game looks. In Grids case the later visual targets that came out much later were very close to how the game looked in the end, so maybe we'll get those sorts of pictures as well with concept interface and all plastered on them. I think Dirt got those sort of screens as well, but I can't remember.

11-21-08, 03:31 PM
The original Dirt 'screens' and movies were so obviously rendered it is surprising anyone actually fell for them. These news ones are renders too, the game is running on the same engine.

11-21-08, 03:52 PM
The thing is that DiRT actually looked quite good... though not as good as the promo screens. I had no problem at all with the graphics.

11-21-08, 04:45 PM
I'll bet dirt2 wont even look as good as the dirt1 bullshots...

02-20-09, 11:44 AM

02-20-09, 11:52 AM
Now I wonder if those are real in-game screens. I highly doubt it

02-20-09, 11:54 AM
i doubt is as well, but it would be nice if those are real shots.

The Who
02-20-09, 12:17 PM
Reminds me of Apple and their speed clames with 3G. They got into a lawsuit and their defense was: "Plaintiff's claims, and those of the purported class, are barred by the fact that the alleged deceptive statements were such that no reasonable person in Plaintiff's position could have reasonably relied on or misunderstood Apple's statements as claims of fact."
In other words if you believe the fact that the deceptive shots are in game you are not a reasonable person who is not in there right mind. I should really start selling my cars that fly. I have lots, they are able to fly about 10,000 feet high and get 500Mi per gallon. Really they are just Yugos but if someone bought one I could use the same defense, yes. :)

02-20-09, 12:36 PM
The shots are most likely target renders. Not a single jaggie in any of them.