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05-25-03, 08:37 PM
I have met with the dread ati vs msi 3.3 bios disaster. In this common disaster, untold crashes and fookages occur.
The place I got the 9500 from said they would exchange it with:

A 5600 with 256 megs ram

A ti4600

As I play a dx7 game the most, and a dx8 game next most, what card do you figure? I am not too concerned abt dx9 as yet.
Anyone know how a 5600 with 256 performs compared to a 4600?


05-25-03, 08:38 PM
unless the 5600 is the new "flip-chip" design, chances are, the 4600 will outrun it pretty well. read some reviews online.

05-25-03, 08:57 PM
I have seen nothing regarding a 5600/256's performance...

05-25-03, 09:30 PM
hmmm....okay, there's probably not any reviews on the 256 meg version (or very few) but check a few places like tomshardware.com, anandtech.com, guru3d.com, etc. or just do a google search.

05-26-03, 02:51 AM
Ask them what the clockspeed of the gfFX5600 is.

Is it an Ultra? Is it an old or new one? (Old one = 350/350. New one = 400/400. non-Ultra = 325/275)

If it is a gfFX5600Ultra(especially a new one) it should stack up well against a gf4Ti4600. The gf4 will be faster in non-FSAA non-AF scenarios, and the gfFX5600Ultra will be faster with FSAA and AF.

edit: changed gfFX5600 memory clock to be correct.

05-26-03, 03:06 AM
Umm actually, the FX5600 is 325/275. It has a lot less bandwidth than the FX5600 Ultra... :confused: