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12-02-08, 12:09 AM
Time for the official GTA IV thread. Direct2drive unlocked at 12:00AM EDT 12/2/08

http://img247.imageshack.us/img247/1190/capture122200810542amzv8.th.jpg (http://img247.imageshack.us/my.php?image=capture122200810542amzv8.jpg)

Can't wait to play. 13.8GB download though!!

12-02-08, 12:09 AM
where can I found some screens or videos?

12-02-08, 12:12 AM
where can I found some screens or videos?

I doubt anyone has been able to play it yet. I started my download right at 12 midnight. Got a few hours to go.

12-02-08, 12:38 AM
almost 14 gbs! holy ****.
I feel sry for the guys that torrent this, it would take me a good 3 days lol

12-02-08, 12:44 AM
I really don't care a whole lot about GTA, but holy crap! :eek: 13.8 GB?!

/me goes to dig up the topic about largest game install topic.

12-02-08, 12:45 AM
i still have to beat san andreas lol

12-02-08, 12:46 AM
I feel sry for the guys that torrent this, it would take me a good 3 days lol
Most private trackers/Usenet groups can max out even FiOS connections. ;)

Can't personally wait to get my copy, hope the performance is decent, early reports indicate GTA IV is a very poor port when it comes to being efficient with hardware. :(

12-02-08, 12:57 AM
Might have it this time tomorrow. :D

12-02-08, 01:22 AM
Have a look around some stores. AU release is 03/12/2008 but it has been broken so everyone has the go ahead to sell.

12-02-08, 01:24 AM

And tomorrow in this web, a complete bench - is a very good web , maybe the best today about PC gaming and hardware -

Nice explosions form a contrast to the flickering vegetation that reminds of Far Cry 2.


GTA 4 PC: High visibility range, but a texture from GTA 3.

http://www.pcgameshardware.com/screenshots/original/2008/12/GTA_4_PC_Analyse_01_Sichtweite_huih_Texturen_Pfui. jpg

GTA 4 PC: Doesn't this picture remind you of Remedy's Bullet-Time Shooter from 2001?


GTA 4 PC: With Post Processing Blur and Bloom effects are cast over the scene.


The engine delivers nice particle effects (smoke, shards, fire), but you should look to close at the pixeled shadows and branches in the background.


With the rocket launcher you can blow up several cars at once. The particle effects are worth seeing but are quite challenging for the graphics hardware


GTA 4 PC: Moving objects are furnished with extensive Motion Blur.


GTA 4 PC meets Stranglehold: Niko shoots himself through Chinatown. Several objects (like the hand rails) can be destroyed.


GTA 4 PC meets Need for Speed: Which part of the NfS series spontaneously comes to your mind if you see this picture? Wet streets, Motion Blur and railway tracks...


GTA 4 PC: The shadow filtering possible on the PC is missing. Here almost nothing changed compared to the console version.


GTA 4 PC: An example for poor content: The textures are low detailed and of low resolution, the windows aren't transparent at all and the misplaced vegetation is frayed.


GTA 4 PC: Characters cast pixeled- - shadows on themselves, the number of polygons is acceptable. But especially the texture of Niko's jacket is low-res.


GTA 4 PC: The video options offer many possible settings that's good.


12-02-08, 01:35 AM
Thereby street canyons or other big objects are always displayed at far distances.


12-02-08, 01:49 AM



12-02-08, 01:52 AM

12-02-08, 01:58 AM
Bahaha....what's up with the useless posts today...helarious!(nana2)

12-02-08, 02:37 AM
almost 14 gbs! holy ****.
I feel sry for the guys that torrent this, it would take me a good 3 days lol

14GB uncompressed...as in finally installed...so really the people who are torrenting it will just download maybe a 5-7gb file -.-...

12-02-08, 02:43 AM
Bahaha....what's up with the useless posts today...helarious!(nana2)

I'm just annoyed with the LIMITATIONS!

12-02-08, 07:08 AM
Almost everything is invisible in game. Car is transparent. Can't see characters. Some of the skyline is there but something is seriously jacked.

9800gx2 ssc
vista 64
180.48 drivers

see here: http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=378576&st=20

12-02-08, 07:28 AM
Almost everything is invisible in game. Car is transparent. Can't see characters. Some of the skyline is there but something is seriously jacked.

9800gx2 ssc
vista 64
180.48 drivers

Well this is certainly a great start. :lol:

12-02-08, 07:31 AM
Almost everything is invisible in game. Car is transparent. Can't see characters. Some of the skyline is there but something is seriously jacked.

9800gx2 ssc
vista 64
180.48 drivers

that sometimes happens with new games, remember stalker? had the same issue.

go to nvidia control panel and either disable or set to application for both AA and AF. it is caused by AA and AF not being compatible with the game.

this issue will be fixed later on, in stalker nvidia added AA compability bit later on, Fifa 09 also had that issue, could have been solved with setting AA to enchance instead of force.

12-02-08, 08:07 AM
/edit great deleted the zip from d2d. Now I don't know if maybe my extraction was corrupted. Guess I'll grab it again. Hate playing these install games.

sample of what it looks like:

12-02-08, 08:37 AM
From Ve3d

Just got done installing Grand Theft Auto IV PC following a 13.8GB .zip download, a twelve-minute extraction process and a twenty-minute 14.9GB installation. Installation would have been far speedier were it not for the file corruption caused by WinRAR. Turns out, you see, that Direct2Drive hold onto this ridiculous notion of using WinZip. Failing to follow their demands (hidden in support pages), causes one or more files to be corrupted, at which time I was required to download WinZip, re-extract the necessary file, and continue installation. Once the main files are installed you're unable to opt out of Virtual Studio installs and all kinds of other crap (I'm a good boy, I keep my software up-to-date at all times).

With the installation complete, I was directed to Rockstar's Social Club to tie my account to my Games For Windows info. With that done, I was allowed to boot up the actual tray app. This uses around 60MB of RAM at load, and 1-3% CPU on a Quad Core Q6600 clocked to 3GHz. Sending the app to the tray pushes RAM to 8-12MB (it bounces around randomly) and stops the CPU usage, though it does occasionally use a burst of processor power every so often.

Inside the app, required to play GTA4 MP, there are basic pictures linked to Rockstar's Social Club, Social TV site, and the game itself. A news page notes that a Games For Windows update (22MB) is required and that it should be performed outside of the game. Turns out this is the update installed several weeks ago by Fallout 3.

With all hoops jumped, I was finally ready to play! Oh, perhaps not. Activation is required, though this is a painless key entry, done entirely over the net. Yes, now, finally, I can play!

Right, it loads fine, but I can't set texture quality to maximum because the game is mis-reporting the amount of memory on my GeForce 9800 GTX+. Render Quality is on Highest, but no combination of slider tweaking or option gimping enables High Resolution Textures. Running a benchmark, built in to the Graphics menu, returns the following results:

CPU Usage: 32%
System memory usage: 56%
Video memory usage: 59%

What gives? Do I have to suffer with the Xbox 360 textures until a patch? Shame on you, Rockstar. Ah, a Command Line to set textures to maximum! Hmm, that resets all my options to minimum - I do love PC gaming so very much. What's this, another problem? Yes! I can't use Rockstar Social Club TV (the snazzy video editor) because I have Flash 10 and not Flash 9, even though a competently developed application should support Flash 10 automatically, as it's the latest, released, stable Flash client, and is also required for professional Flash tools I use daily.

What's that Lassie? You're getting a whiff of Mad Doc Software (Rockstar New England) portolitis?!

12-02-08, 09:29 AM
Another shoddy port.

12-02-08, 09:39 AM
Balls, just got an email saying my copy was posted.

12-02-08, 10:10 AM
Doesn't sound too good for this game so far. I'm glad that I'm gonna wait until this game gets patched and price dropped!

12-02-08, 10:13 AM
anyone see it in store yet or did direct2drive have an early release?