View Full Version : Core i7, other Quad-cores or Dual-Cores for gaming?

12-09-08, 04:40 AM
I hear there are a few issues with quad-cores in general for gaming. I understand most won't use up more than two cores, but if I bought a quad-core will most games allow the use of at least two cores or will there be issues with the rendering?

A 2.66GHz Core i7 920 for $300:


Or a 2.4GHz Q6600 for $185:


Or a 3.16GHz E8500 for $188:


I will OC whichever I get as much as I can under air-cooling.

Now the i7 has lower L2 cache, I read somewhere this is worse for gaming. Also, if current games and 2009 games only utilize 2 cores, then the E8500 will be the winner for it's low price. But then again, if games start using more cores, then the i7 or the Q6600 are the better options, but I'm not sure if issues would arise for the mere fact that they are Quad's? A little insight would be appreciated, I just read around and found some people complaining about L4D and other games having bugs for Quad-cores so this is why I ask.

And also, how much better performance will the i7 possibly offer over the Q6600 for it's price?

12-11-08, 05:58 PM
I wouldn't compare the I7 with those other 2 chips. At least compare it to a Q9550 (320$). The I7 is the best chip you can get. Check online reviews you can find dozens at this point. Upgrading to I7 can be pricey cause you have to rebuild your system from scratch. New motherboard, Memory + Chip = 800$+

I would personally recommend I7 if your redoing your whole system and you don't care about the price.

If money is a problem then just get a Q9550 its on par with the I7 920. You will get more for your money this way.

Anyway you look at it all the chips you mentioned are great for gaming. Quad core is the future so get a quad.

12-12-08, 05:34 AM
Also if cost is a big factor, you should consider Phenom II, apparently it should release a few days before christmas.

12-12-08, 10:48 AM
a few months ago, i would have told you to go for the E8500, but it seems like more and more games are capitalizing on quad cores, so id go with a quad core. DDR3 prices are falling quickly too so id probably go with Core i7.

based on Intel's past, that should offer quite a bit of future-proofing (ie the socket will probably be around for a while).

12-12-08, 08:30 PM
I think the Q6600 is still the best value quad core. But for how long I'm not sure. I heard Intel was phasing them out.