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12-12-08, 05:36 PM
Hey guys, I need to pick your brains. A buddy of mine recently bought a new computer (I ordered all the parts and assembled it for him) and he's having a few difficulties.

Okay the specs:

Asus P5Q (Standard Edition)
Intel Q8200
4GB Muskin DDR2-6400
LG Blu-ray player
oh and Vista Ultimate x64

When he first set it up, it was blue screening non stop. He finally got Vista installed successfully, but within a minute of booting up windows, it would blue screen. We fixed this problem by manually entering all the ram timings into the bios, it seems like the mobo was setting the wrong ones. This totally fixed the blue screening problem, and it was memtest and prime95 solid. (ran prime95 (the 4 core version) for 8+ hours with no crashes).

It was all good until a couple of days ago. He put the rig to sleep for over night, and when he came back in the morning it was all locked up (wouldn't wake up from sleep mode). I figured that was no big deal because everyone has problems with Vista and sleep mode. My HTPC does the same thing, you have to hard reset it to wake it up.

Anyways, so he hard reset it (held down power button for 4+ seconds) but when it booted up again the bios had reverted to default settings (which could have been some protection feature (I know mine does that because it thinks I overclocked and it failed so it goes back to the previous settings)). That was no big deal, he just entered all the timings again and was good to go.

Until windows booted up though. His integrated network card is MIA. It's not showing up in device manager and it's NOT disabled in bios. He's tried installing the drivers again, but they just end up saying they can't find the device and don't install.

Now, I haven't personally tried to fix it as he lives a ways away from me. We've been corresponding by MSN Messenger. And he's not the most computer saavy guy out there (pretty good, but not 100% competent like you guys :p)

So....sorry for the long explanation. Anyone have any ideas? Ever heard of this happening? I've never encountered a device just disappearing. It sounds like to me it's disabled in bios....but he insists it isn't.

Thanks guys, you're the best :D

12-12-08, 11:51 PM
Bios update? Manual vdimm?

12-13-08, 01:19 PM
Bios update? Manual vdimm?
He has the latest bios already, and vdimm is manually set to what the ram is rated at.

But it appears that it randomly started working again....he had an old PCI NIC that he threw in it and after he installed it the onboard one showed up again. Weird. We'll see if it happens again.....