View Full Version : I learned something important today...

12-14-08, 11:26 PM
yesterday actually... don't think that memory kits you buy one day will work with the same memory kit you buy another. Bought OCZ's 1066 2x1 gig kit last year and picked up the same kit a couple days ago only to find that they revisioned them with a different memory chip. The settings of the chip was all the same but it ran at 2.1v instead of 2.3 making it impossible to run stable with the older 2.3v chips. Luckly it looks like I can rma my 4 sticks for 4 compatable ones, but if I had known this I would have just gone with a 2x2 gig kit. -_-

12-15-08, 04:43 PM
yeh... memory kits are guaranteed to play nice with the memory only in the same kit

i got lucky once though... kingston value ram from 2003, and then another set in '06 and it worked fine