View Full Version : Trouble using secondary display

12-18-08, 10:40 PM
Hi all,

I've been wrestling with my system for a couple weeks trying to get it to display only to the second monitor. I'm on a gateway laptop with an 8800gts, vista x64, and currently using Dox's 180.70 driver, though I've tried many others including the gateway stock driver.

I have a tv connected through the HDMI port. I can go to the nVidia control panel and set up multiple displays, but it only lets me do extended desktop. I would prefer to use just the secondary monitor, both because running the desktop on the laptop screen would take away performance from the app I'm running on the TV and because Lock On doesn't run on extended display. When I got to Display Settings and remove the second monitor from Extended Display, the computer for some reason thinks I want to remove the monitor completely and reverts back to single-display mode. Also, the Fn+F4 key combo is supposed to switch between displays, but it has the same effect as unchecking the extended display box.

Does anyone have any ideas about how to fix this? I'm dying to play LOMAC on a big screen.

Edit: Now that finals are over and I've had time to play around with it, I've managed to clone the laptop display onto the TV. Apparently this doesn't increase the load on the gpu. Unfortunately, my native res is 1920x1200 while the TV is 1920x1080, and cloning makes my laptop display look squished while the TV looks great. Is there a way to either make the TV and laptop screens load independently or make nTune change the resolution depending on whether I'm using one or both displays?