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12-21-08, 08:35 PM
Hello I am trying to setup the best configuration for my monitor to use with the forceware 180.84 drivers.

I have already taken the following steps:
1). Adjust image settings with preview - Use the advanced 3d image settings
2). Manage 3d settings - Program Settings - Uncheck show only programs found on this computer.

3). Manage 3d settings - Global Settings
16x AF, AA Gamma On, AA Mode Override any application setting, AA Setting 16xQ, AA Transparency Supersampling, Texture filtering Quality is High Quality, Threaded optimization Auto, Triple Buffering On, and V-Sync Force On.

AA Modes used with V-Sync '8x, 16x, and 16xQ' - My understanding is these three are the modes specificly designed for 8800 series and up. 2x, 4x, and 8xQ is now null and void. While I have found 8xQ to be the absolute best IQ it is a huge hit to use it since its part of the old MSAA code and not the new CSAA driver code.

So onto my question, after setting my forceware up I set my 226BW to use a custom spyder icc/icm color profile which I downloaded off the net. Now I am left with one setting I am unsure of.... Proper scaling mode for a 226BW

Spyder profile: Brightness variations 25, 50, 75, 100
R - 51, G 47, B - 50. vs default R - 50, G - 50, B -50.

Switching between these modes will not damage your monitor so try them all out and see which suits you best. Nvidia Scaling should be best

Do I use this or this?
Use Nvidia Scaling - The scaling unit on your graphics card will rescale the image before it reaches your monitor. If you have a relatively normal middle-to-low end monitor.

Use Nvidia Scaling with fixed-aspect Ratio - This option will maintain the original aspect ratio of the chosen resolution and display it with black bars to the sides/above/below the on-screen image as required. Use my display's built-in scaling - If you have a high-end monitor.

Is a 226BW considered high end or low end?