View Full Version : DX10 stutter on my new GTX260 DX9 works fine

12-23-08, 04:20 AM
Hi there,

I've just purchased a BFG GTX260 OC Maxcore and im having a few problems.

I cant seem to run any games in DX10. Well, i can but the frame rate is really choppy and for some reason i get no sound (the graphics card has nothing to do with sound as far as im aware). The strange thing is it doesn't seem like normal frame rate lag, i can pan round a scene ok but it has a strange stuttering quality to it, almost like its only showing every few frames. No pauses for loading new objects/textures and anything associated with normal lag, just a strange stutter. Even the intro sequences with the the developer/Publisher logo's stutter REALLY badly (worse than the games) but i get sound with them, stuttery sound but sound none the less.

No frame rate issues in DX9, publisher/Developer intro logos are fine to. Still have no sound in game though, only during the during the intro logos. Also, when running games in DX9 i get slight, high pitched squealing sound from the Graphics card. I doesn't happen in DX10 but in DX9 there is defiantly squealing. now i've heard this happening before and everyone says its nothing to worry about so im not that bothered (if my sound would work i could drown it out lol)


Processor: E6750
PSU: Jeantech Storm 700w
Motherboard: Asus P5B-SE
Ram: Geil Ultra 4GB PC6400 800MHz (4-4-4-12)

Now, after reading up on the net, people are saying you need a decent PSU to power the card I thought that may be the reason so i upgraded my 600w PSU to a 700W one. didn't make any difference.

I've also updated the Nvidia Drivers to the most recent version, reinstalled DirectX No problems with temps, down clocked it, over clocked it (slightly) and still nothing.

The strangest thing is i ran the DX10 cascade demo from the Nvidia site and it works fine sound and everything. Im really confused.

This is the case with ALL games i've tried, LOTRO, Crysis Farcry 2, everything.

It doesn't sound to me (with my very limited knowledge) that it's a hardware problem, what with the sound issues and the cascade demo working fine. i'm thinking it's a driver/software/god being angry with me problem of some kind.

Any ideas or suggestions would be welcome, i really don't want to have to stick my old 7950GT back in there, especially as i will be stuck with it till over the Christmas period.

12-23-08, 05:25 AM
As far as I know that card should be able to handle pretty much anything -

What resolution/in game settings are you using?

What are you using for sound? Creative? Onboard? Other?

I'm leaning towards soundcard driver issues....If you are using creative, try pulling it and using onboard sound, see what happens.

12-23-08, 06:21 AM
im turning everything down to min and it makes no/VERY little difference. If im n DX10 mode it just stutters along. DX9 (as would be expected) goes 9million FPS at full whack!

Im using on-board sound. So, thanks to you suggestion im going to try and disable it and see if that helps. will also try updating the sound drivers and see if that helps.

Didn't realise sound cards sound could conflict with a GPU. It would explain a lot though.

i was thinking that my PC was still using DX9 to render in DX10 stuff, im not even sure if that's possible, it would also explain a lot though.

a suggestion has been made that i uninstall the Nvidia drivers and all associated software (basically go back to on-board graphics) update the chipset then reinstall the GPU, drivers then DX. I will be trying that to.

If there is anything else anyone could think of that would be great.

thanks for you help grey_1

12-23-08, 07:04 AM
Have you updated your chipset drivers and your DirectX installation?

12-23-08, 07:06 AM
DX10 has been nothing but fail. Nothing runs better or smoother in DX10. The only game that plays faster in DX10 is Far Cry 2, but the input lag and microstutter make it a game breaker for me so I finished the game in DX9 since it was much smoother. To date DX10 has offered nothing in the way of better performance. Use DX9 and enjoy the games!! Maybe DX11 will be less of a PR stunt to sell an OS and actually allow games to run better. Don't worry, it's not you or your card - it's DX10 :)

Your PSU is fine (its got 3 x 12v rails 16a, 25a, 17a) and the sound issue is a separate issue entirely. Get the latest drivers for your sound card.

12-23-08, 08:11 AM
Very, very few games make DX10 worthwhile anyways.

12-23-08, 11:56 AM
dx10 allows for AA in alot of games, so maybe you have too high of an AA setting in your nvidia control panel.
transparency supersampling aa also hurts performance alot.
so when you play dx9, your playing with much reduced iq, hence the performance increase.
well, thats my theory
trying to rationalize using dx9 over dx10 certainly isnt a solution
im guessing you're using vista 64? a reformat might help if the above doesnt work

12-23-08, 12:07 PM
a long time ago on a gpu that's now far away................

some in-game stuttering issues were resolved by cranking down directx sound acceleration

worth a try, if you've not already tried.

run dxdiag then on the sound tab move the slider from max - t the 1st notch (basic)