View Full Version : Definitive proof I am getting old

01-05-09, 06:21 PM
In 2003 I breezed through Mafia in a week. Last month, I set out playing the game again. I still remembered everything from the game but I am so terrible I cant beat the race. In fact I died so many times just getting to the race level. I ended up uninstalling the game.:(

01-05-09, 06:29 PM
Maybe you played on an easier difficulty level back in the day.

01-05-09, 06:30 PM
grey can't complete a round of Solitaire anymore. ::(:

01-05-09, 06:33 PM
^ :D

01-05-09, 06:33 PM

01-05-09, 06:34 PM
Got similar problem I can't beat game from the start to the end. I'm getting bored fast :/ Ending games in months

bob saget
01-05-09, 07:15 PM
i remember the very first time i played the race, i came from waaaay behind to win it on the back straight.

01-05-09, 07:49 PM
Update the game to 1.2 patch . Select you the difficulty . In very easy is impossible loss the race :D

01-05-09, 07:53 PM
grey can't complete a round of Solitaire anymore. ::(:


01-09-09, 02:18 PM
Haven't played a minute on anything for the past 3 weeks..

01-09-09, 04:26 PM
While I'm still in school, I still play a lot of games so guess I'm not too old for games. I'm almost 30. ::D:

Unless I met a girl or getting overwhelmed by homework (probably within next few weeks)...

01-09-09, 06:30 PM
I noticed during the brief period I had a Wii and made some virtual console purchases that I suck at platformers now. That could be because I haven't played them in years though, more than me being old.

I am just as slightly above-average at FPS and RTS as I always was.

01-09-09, 10:50 PM
When I gave Mafia to a friend of mine some time back, he was playing it quite happily. But he reached that race level and simply could not beat it (and normally I would've said there's no way he COULDN'T). But for whatever reason, he just could not do it. 9 times out of 10 he'd roll the car and when Tommy's head grazes the pavement it's game over.

He tried and tried and tried and tried, then uninstalled out of rage.

It's never an issue for me. That was by far the easiest level in the game I ever played.

01-10-09, 04:38 AM
With a wheel and manual gears, this level is fairly easy.... remember to straight line the chicane to build up a lead...
hardest level for me was trying to follow the fed's when they were taking Frank to the airport.... just too many cars getting in the way to keep up.
Ahhh Mafia... still one of favourite games of all time...still installed... hope they do not spoil Mafia 2 :fu: