View Full Version : Lord of the Rings Online: Buddy Key x2

01-07-09, 10:59 AM
Apparently they shut down the LotRO Trial they had up on there website a few months ago. I would like to try this game with a friend but the only way I can find out to do this is with a buddy key for each of us. If anyone has a key you could give it would be highly appreciated.

01-07-09, 08:44 PM

01-07-09, 09:30 PM
I dont get it...

If no one has a key but has any info as to where I could get one I would also appreciate that.

01-08-09, 03:31 AM
I still have a trial key, but is valid for Europe only. On trylotro.com you can still get keys for Europe, not sure about USA servers