View Full Version : OCing Q6600 (G0) with 680i SLI LT (T1)

01-07-09, 02:42 PM
I read all over the internet that the q6600 can easily reach 3.6ghz stable on air. I have my cpu voltage set to 1.45v and 3.2Ghz (355x9) and my memory always stays at 800Mhz (DDR2 800). I raised the vcore up to 1.56v and the FSB to 400Mhz multi 9x and i can POST @ 3.6Ghz but as soon as Windows tries to boot it gives me all kinds of wacky nonsense such as NTLDR missing or could not find boot loader file. I have seen countless threads exactly this one, and there are always those useless short responses like "my q6600 can hit 3.8Ghz easy plays crysis like butter" that hold little weight.

So, if someone out there has a q6600, 680i LT SLI mobo, and ddr2 800mhz memory and has a successful and stable OC 3.6Ghz or above please enlighten me.

01-07-09, 04:07 PM
if your RAM is within spec and your voltage is increased, idk what to say.

bad thing about OC'ing is YMMV. :o

01-07-09, 04:29 PM
I read all over the internet that the q6600 can easily reach 3.6ghz stable on air
thats not true... its true that most will probably do 3.6ghz but some really need a lot of voltage and good cooling to get there.... what sort of cooling are you using?... you can also try to increase fsb voltage if your board has an option like that... also make sure you keep that ram at 4-4-4-12.... i used to have that ram and it did not like any other timings even looser timings would cause stability issues

01-07-09, 05:13 PM
I don't know where you got the impression that a Q6600 would "easily" hit 3.6 on air but, of the 5 people I know of that have a Q6600 none of them "easily" hit 3.6 with it and none of them on air.