View Full Version : Control Panel fails to start??

01-13-09, 04:20 PM
I just installed the latest WHQL drivers (181.20) and now my nvidia control panel will not start. Anyone else have this issue? I'm still running my two 7800GTX's

01-14-09, 04:15 PM
OS? And also check your windows directory contains nvapps.xml somewhere.

01-18-09, 12:08 AM
I'm was running windows XP (I'm running the new Windows 7 beta right now and loving it). I used drive sweeper to remove any traces of my old video drivers to install the new 181.20 set. Anyway the install went without a hitch but when I tried to go into the control panel, my cursor would go busy and stop and nothing else would happen.

I found that if I changed the below DWORD value to 1 it would work but 2 would not:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\NVIDIACorporation\Glob al\NvCplApi\Policies and edit the ContextUIPolicy DWORD value.

The values for the DWORD are:

1 For the old Control Panel
2 For the new Control Panel
3 To use both Control Panels

Anyway I found the fix for it. What happened was that the drivers were not not registering the dll files that make up the control panel.

So I edited the nv4_disp.inf and I added these lines under the nv.controlpanelsettings portion of the inf file:

HKLM,Software\"NVIDIA Corporation"\Global\NvSvc,"Nvcmd:4,Register",%REG_SZ%,"nvdisps.dll"
HKLM,Software\"NVIDIA Corporation"\Global\NvSvc,"Nvcmd:5,Register",%REG_SZ%,"nvgames.dll"
HKLM,Software\"NVIDIA Corporation"\Global\NvSvc,"Nvcmd:6,Register",%REG_SZ%,"nvmccss.dll"
HKLM,Software\"NVIDIA Corporation"\Global\NvSvc,"Nvcmd:7,Register",%REG_SZ%,"nvmobls.dll"
HKLM,Software\"NVIDIA Corporation"\Global\NvSvc,"Nvcmd:8,Register",%REG_SZ%,"nvvitvs.dll"
HKLM,Software\"NVIDIA Corporation"\Global\NvSvc,"Nvcmd:9,Register",%REG_SZ%,"nvwss.dll"

Once I did that I reinstalled the driver and it worked fine. I just thought I would share the fix I found.