View Full Version : Help! Audigy 2, stupid useless WinXP error

05-29-03, 09:58 PM
After installing an Audigy 2 I get an error every time I start WinXP.

The title of the error window is "Application Error" and the text says nothing except "This application cannot start."

I have no clue what application it is trying to start. The event viewer shows nothing. When I uninstall the Audigy drivers the error goes away until I install them again, with which the error returns on the next reboot. I already tried the latest drivers and norton windoctor. I don't even know where to look to find the problem. This error message is USELESS. Searching google for an hour turned up nothing useful either. I went through every app listed in the "RUN" section of my registry and ran each on from the command line, all of them run fine. The sound card and its drivers run fine otherwise.

Has anyone encountered this? I'm stuck. Help.

05-29-03, 11:48 PM

What I did is keep the error message on screen, go into task manager, select the error message, right click, select "show process" and you can see the name of the .exe that is causing the problem. In this case it was "audigy.exe" which is some sort of demoshield splash screen. I just renamed the file to audigy.bak. Geesh... 4 hours I've spent faffing with this. Time for bed....

05-30-03, 06:57 AM
You can also delete that in the reg. from the Windows run folder.

05-30-03, 10:36 AM
It wasn't in the "run" area of the registry though, thats what made it so hard to find. I'm still not entirely sure what was running it.

Anyway its fine now, and I already love my new Audigy 2.

05-30-03, 03:44 PM
Start->programs->creative->audigy2->creative splash screen, click the smaller button uncheck load splash screen on startup.

05-30-03, 03:59 PM
Damn thing's annoying. It either does what it did with DaveW or the service will run then flake out, shooting your CPU usage into the stratosphere. I hate splash screens. :mad:

05-30-03, 04:09 PM
Originally posted by LTech221
Start->programs->creative->audigy2->creative splash screen, click the smaller button uncheck load splash screen on startup.

I tried that too :) It disables the splash screen but that error still came up. I think the audigy.exe is a intro/splash macromedia thing that is supposed to run with your first reboot after installing the drivers.

05-30-03, 04:42 PM
Haha, I just formatted the other day myself, and I did untick that disable splash screen, but it still came up every bloody time :fu: thats when I found it in the registry, but not under local machine but current user ;)

06-03-03, 04:15 PM
Hmm, that scren never came up after I did that, and when it did it usually froze 80% of the time forcing me to reboot :mad: but so far that seemed to work. The only other gripe I have with installing Audigy drivers is that it likes to put AOL icons all over :mad: :mad: :mad: