View Full Version : PIXMA IP4300 problems

01-15-09, 05:12 PM
So i did a blooper it seems somewhat when i bought this never did read the add fully so i got a printer that has to be cleaned or replace the"head" something :)

so i used 9star and mmc cartridges but i canīt get magenta fully to work and i have spent these two sets of ink cartridges to clean it up.

so is there anythng else one can do to clean a IP4300?

01-15-09, 05:27 PM
9star and mmc ??

can you show example of what you mean you can't get magenta to work?

01-16-09, 08:58 AM
well with cartridges from the brand 9star i could baerly see yellow or magenta and with mmc i can get all to show but the brighter magenta and in the magenta area there is some whitness not much but here and there and now i have barley any ink left so i canīt do these deepcleanings anymore but i got it pretty ok so i printed a photo and it was all ok, but slightly redish tone.

donīt know whu it did that but after spending almost 600SEK(swedish) i canīt afford more ink at the moment but i have enough so i can write/print text at least.

@nekro also a side question i have 2x1TB WD GP(greenpower) should i get one or two 7200rpm dik(S) for my OS it is currently on one WD disk?

just a side note

so is there any other cleaning ways to go about with this otherwise great printer?