View Full Version : you can't miss it: shadow of legend

01-19-09, 12:39 AM
Recently, I met with a very good and interesting free MMORPG game "Shadow of Legend".
There are all the typical aspects of play that you would expect - various races and classes, quests, leveling, equipment crafting, etc... There are also special events that I can participate in either as an individual or a group.
The graphics and interaction in the game are quite good, especially considering that the game is free to use.
What I like most is that I can achieve interaction with other players in many ways. I can chat with other players, group together for quests, form guilds, initiate mentor relationships, trade/sell equipment, and other cool activities. It is easy to see which of your friends are online at any time, using the built-in interface.
Overall, Shadow of Legend is enjoyable and a fun game to be involved in considering it's getting better and better.