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01-20-09, 10:23 AM
(Reuters) - Intel, the world's largest chip maker, has cut the price of some processors by as much as 48 percent as it confronts slumping demand and new lower-cost chips from Advanced Micro Devices Inc, Bloomberg reported.

The price of Celeron 570 processors, designed for laptops, dropped 48 percent to $70 whereas one of the company's quad-core desktop-computer models, which have four processors on one piece of silicon, dropped 40 percent to $316, the news agency said.


Looking to strengthen its position as the world’s leading microprocessor manufacturer, Intel has hacked down the price of its mobile Celeron 570 chip (2.0GHz), taking it from $134 USD to $70 USD (the aforementioned 48 percent drop).

Similarly, both the quad-core Xeon X3370 (3.0GHz) and quad-core Intel Core 2 Q9650 (3.0GHz) platforms have fallen from $530 USD to $316 USD (a solid drop of 40 percent).

Various other Intel processors have taken a pricing plunge, although most of them carry the Celeron branding. Specifically, the 540 and 530 lines have seen a 19 percent cut, while the 560 and 585 devices have fallen by 35 percent.

A trio of other Xeon processors, the X3360 (2.83GHz), the X3350 (2.66GHz) and the X3330 (2.66GHz), have seen 16 percent price drops, while the dual-core Pentium E5200 has dropped by 24 percent to $64 USD.

From AMD’s standpoint, the chipmaker rolled out a duo of impressive quad-core Phenom II processors on January 08 of 2009, which equate to the company’s most powerful products that deliver comparable performance with Intel’s chips while priced at just $235 USD and $275 USD.



01-20-09, 10:34 AM
Celeron? No thanks.

01-20-09, 11:20 AM
Hooray for AMD being back in the game!

01-20-09, 11:28 AM
Celeron? No thanks.

Quad-core Intel Core 2 Q9650 (3.0GHz) platforms have fallen from $530 USD to $316 USD. Failclaw

01-20-09, 11:34 AM
Quad-core Intel Core 2 Q9650 (3.0GHz) platforms have fallen from $530 USD to $316 USD. Failclaw

I saw that. Most of the article, and the drops, concern the mobile celeron chips though.

01-20-09, 12:22 PM
Wonder is it worth it to upgrade from E8400 to the Q9650

Anyone think it worth $349?

Only game I can think of seeing an advantage is GTA 4? right?

01-20-09, 12:56 PM
Hooray for AMD being back in the game!

I agree. Put pressure on the machine and keep moving forward! :D

Intel will drop the prices on more products as AMD's production of lower-end products ramps up.