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01-20-09, 08:45 PM
If you're having problems listing servers in your in game browser, Treyarch now has a work around until the 1.2 patch is released.

Posted by Treyarch:
Hi PC fans!

So as I stated in my PC 1.2 Patch Details Sticky, one issue the 1.2 patch will address are some of the Server Authentication Failure[/b] messages. Hopefully it will get the majority of them, but there's just no telling (which is why I say "some"), and here's why:

The Problem:

We've located a problem with select (but popular) routers. I won't call them out by name for obvious reasons, but it's safe to assume that a good segment of you have one of them. Depending on the firmware version (when you bought it) and a whole bunch of other potential variables, it doesn't handle concurrent connections very well. This will cause intermittent Server Authentication Failures, and once the connection to our master server is lost entirely, it will always Server Authentication Fail until you reboot the client (at which point it may start failing again depending).

Sounds familiar right? So we think we have found it, but there could be any number of things that cause this, as well as other hardware / software obstacles that compound the problem we may not have found yet. So we'll see after Patch 1.2 how many instances of this problem are resolved (like I said, hopefully most if not all). It's just that everyone has different software and hardware configurations, getting them all is unfortunately impossible.

The Workaround:

Simply setting the rate at which the game browser tries to populate all the server info seems to help the issue. The unfortunate side-effect is a slower performing browser. But at least you won't hit a road block. We are looking into a better solution for 1.2 that won't cause a decrease in server browser performance.

Setting cl_maxppf to 1 or 2 will help mitigate the load on the router, and appears to be solving the problem temporarily while we test internally. So you can try this out yourself by following the below instructions.

Note: if you already refreshed your browser, restart your game before trying this.
1] Enable the console from "Multiplayer Options"
2] From the main menu, drop down the console by pressing the Tilde key (~)
3] Type: cl_maxppf [1 or 2] (then press Enter to execute the command)
4] Press the Tilde key again to get the console to go away.
5] Refresh your server browser, and try joining a server.

Additionally, if you have a desktop shortcut, add this to the VERY END (after the close quotation mark) of the "Target" field, and it will set this every time you run the game, automatically:

+set cl_maxppf 1

(Or 2 if you find that has better results for you).

Shortcut instructions:
1] Right-click on your Call of Duty: World at War Multiplayer icon.
2] Click "Properties"
3] On the "Shortcut" tab, locate the "Target" field.
4] At the very end of that field (after the closing quotation mark), add +set cl_maxppf 1 (or 2 if that worked better for you).
5] Hit "Apply" and "Ok".

Sample "Target" field:
"C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty - World at War\CoDWaW.exe" +set cl_maxppf 1

Hope that helps the issue. Again, this isn't a perfect solution, and is a "workaround" that may not help everyone. I'd like to hear back if it is clearing up the issue for anybody, though, so please post here.


01-20-09, 09:40 PM
About time, had this since the beta

01-21-09, 09:17 AM
guess im one of the lucky ones. my D-Link Game Fuel Router has always worked with my games, thank god ;) good luck to those that need this fix! cause it looks like we aren't going to see patch 1.2 for a bit yet.