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05-30-03, 01:24 PM
What is the best components to use for a wireless network?

05-30-03, 02:40 PM
Depends, what are you going to use it for?

Laptop, Desktop, PDA, just internet surfing, file sharing, wine tasting?

05-30-03, 02:45 PM
You mean manufacturer-wise? Or component-wise?

I have a D-Link DI-614+ 802.11b router, a couple of Linksys WUSB-11 USB 802.11b adapters, and an Orinoco Gold 802.11b PCMCIA card (well, that technically belongs to my wife's employer). And I haven't had problems with any of 'em.

I went with the USB adapters because I had a laptop at the time (old job), and my PC didn't have any free slots for a PCI card. Plus, I like the flexibility of the USB. From a mechanical standpoint the antennae on the adapters are a bit dodgy, but they seem to "get signal" as they say.

Nowadays, I'd try to go with something 802.11g. But then again, you can get some pretty sweet deals on old .11b stuff.