View Full Version : weird thing with vista "Aero" and fullscreen Media Player Classic

01-21-09, 11:08 PM
Running dnetc (ogr) with 8 threads low priority, using Media Player Classic is fine until I full screen with the fancy Aero interface on Vista. If I don't have composite enabled, then no problem. If I don't run dnetc, no problem.

MPC only takes 3~4% to play video maximized, which is also fine. It's just fullscreen + Aero + low priority background threads.

Vista scheduler bug? It's not a lack of computes (3.34ghz i7, 55nm gtx260, 181.22 64-bit beta). Even setting MPC to higher priority has no effect. Same thing 1920x1200 or 960x600 resolution.

edit: ooh I found a work-around -- select VRM9 manually for video output device (defaulted to VRM7). Ahhh very nice.

01-23-09, 03:01 AM
you failed to describe what the problem actually was.

01-23-09, 03:26 PM
Haha that's what happens after bashing one's head against the computer for hours. The problem was 3 fps fullscreen.