View Full Version : ¿Serious overheating?

01-22-09, 09:09 AM

I'm having what i think are serious problems with heat on my rig. I have a Q6600 B3 installed
with a Thermalright Ultra 120 Xtreme that has two Scythe Slipstream (SY1225SL12L 800rpm version) fans on each side for a push-pull configuration.

I have Arctic-Silver 5 thermal compound applied slightly to the center of the cpu core and a room temperature of 23 degrees.

The problem is that when i start the computer early in the morning it is idling (i do not open or start any program) at around 34-35 ºC but without doing nothing the temp goes up to 45-46 ºC, then it stays there. That's already strange, but what is worrying me is that when i use Orthos and put all the cores at 100% load, the temps are reaching 70-73 ºC on each core. Is that normal??? I don't really experience bsod's or freezes whatsoever but it worries me a lot that it gets so hot when in reviews of my heatsink on different internet sites they state idle temps of 30 ºC and 60 ºC at full load.

I made sure that the installation of the heatsink, screws and so on was tight so they
only problem i see is that because of the size of the heatsink and the layout of my case, i had to put it the way you see in the pic.

I checked the bios both are running at 960 rpm (a bit more than the specs) and both are working.

Perhaps i should consider changing the heatsink...


I'll post a few pics from my heatsink setup tonight.