View Full Version : Pogo.com and Java errors

Mr Bigman
01-23-09, 07:17 PM
I have a client who does nothin on his pc but play poker and pool on pogo.

We can't figure out why he gets kicked from the games.

We even replaced ram and went as far as reloading the OS and software.

He would play for awhile maybe a hour or 2 and all of a sudden the games just closes out and he gets java errors for some reason.

It would place notepad script errors on his desktop and several java consoles in the taskbar.

Is their bugs with pogo or java even on a reloaded os?

He seems to think its related tot he pc but even with other things going on they aren't acting strange but java errors or even getting bumped out of java games.

01-24-09, 09:56 AM