View Full Version : hrmm...not sure what to try here (troubleshooting)

01-24-09, 09:58 AM
So i was sitting here the other day with WoW open when my pc decided to suddenly close the game and spazz out on me. computer stayed on but the screen was and still is showing yellow and blue strips and is stuck in 800x600.

Now, i thought great there goes my 8800...but now im not sure.

it detects there is a vid card installed but wont load the drivers no matter what for it.
the part that worries me is that the bios boot up sequence is garbled as well as the bois itself. random charters where there should be blank space.... basically everything out of a OS situation is messed too....witch leads me to think its not a vid card problem at all but something like a fried chipset

everything but the vid card seem to be able to work properly atm

any thoughts as to what this could be while i wait for a friend to bring his card over to test?