View Full Version : p7n diamond boot issues and voltage settings

01-25-09, 10:02 PM
My grandmother got me the board for my b-day and I can not get it to boot into the windows setup. I got it to install once and and I have not been able to get it to get it to get to windows or windows setup. after loading the files for windows setup it automatically reboots and when trying to boot to windows it gets to the "windows did not shut down correctly and any option I use always reboots.

On another note can someone tell me what the reference, terminator and gtl voltages are for please? I have them set for auto.

Other notes:
setup is same as in sig except the mobo.
running 1 or more ram sticks does not change anything.
sound card in or out does not change anything.
I plan trying a friends q8200 later this week. (I think thats what he has...)
changing the slot my 9600 is in doesnt help.
this is the second board with ths issue. the first one couldnt run more then one ram modual and this one stays on marginaly longer when booting. (.1-.2 seconds longer.)

P.S. I missed anything I'll update this post.
EDIT: wrong section. mods please move.