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01-26-09, 07:56 AM
Looking to replace my Logitech MX518 with something a little more modern. I have my list narrowed down to three options, the G5, G9, or MS/Razer Habu. Looking for some feedback from owners who have experienced one or all of these mice.

I like the G5 for its design and price. I like the G9 because it seems to be more customizable, and the onboard profile/macro storage is a nice add. It's expensive, though. The Habu occupies the middle ground for price, I like the way it looks and its ability to change around the side buttons. I'm not 100% sold on its software, though, as previous experiences with Razer mice have been less than stellar on that front.

I'm open to other suggestions as well, but the one feature I would basically require is the ability to assign buttons with specific commands to specific applications and games. I know the G5, G9, and Habu offer it.

01-26-09, 08:11 AM
The Habu feels better in my hand than any other mouse. It's very customizable and doesn't come with tilt-wheel that messes up me using middle button for Ventrilo.

01-26-09, 09:04 AM
I have the original G5 (not the newer blue one). I really like it, as Tr1ck said, the tilt wheel is annoying, but you get used to it and you can disable the buttons as well if it really comes down to it. The on the fly sensitivity change is really convenient. Overall its similar to the 518, however it feels more rounded and comfortable in your hand. The buttons around the scroll wheel are layed out differently and there is only one button on the side instead of a up and down arrow. I'd recommend it.

01-26-09, 10:15 AM
If you vote/voted for "Other," I need to know which one you recommend. I can't read your minds. ;)

01-26-09, 10:18 AM
G9 hands down.

01-26-09, 10:18 AM
I have the old G5 and it's great, except I wish it had 1 more side button, like the new G5.

01-26-09, 10:25 AM

01-26-09, 11:01 AM
Just to add, the Habu has all the customizability of the G9. It has 4 on board memory settings that stay even if you switch machines. There is even an option to cut the different onboard lights off and on. It's hands down the best I've ever used.

At work, I just got a Logitech MX400 laser mouse and am seriously impressed with it, but the Habu feels better and is tons more customizable. My issue with customization is it's a one time thing for me. I don't bother setting up a bunch of different profiles or anything, though the Habu would be perfect for that. It would be ideal for a PC that has multiple users. The most I ever do is switch between 2 on the fly sensitivity settings. If not for that I would possibly be able to cope with the MX400 in place of the Habu.

01-26-09, 11:22 AM
I have the "new" G5 2007 edition, Its by far the best mouse i have ever owned seems to mold into the palm of your hand, really light if you dont use any weights like me, extremely precise & super quick at 2000 dpi ...

For every day use i use 2000 dpi, I also use 2000 dpi while gaming, while sniping in cod 4/5 for example i quickly knock it down to 800 dpi and it makes the sniper rifle 10x more easier to handle for that head shot.

My mates come round and play a FPS and they cant belive just how fast and accurate it is, infact it seems too sharp/fast for them, does take some time to get used to its speed but once you do it definitely gives you a edge over most players.

Great mouse.

01-26-09, 12:02 PM
+1 For Razer

The DeathAdder was a perfect replacement for my MX518.

01-26-09, 12:46 PM

01-26-09, 12:55 PM
The DeathAdder was a perfect replacement for my MX518.

Saw this one at Best Buy during my lunch break and was really impressed with how it felt in my hand. I have small hands with short fingers and could more easily reach the two thumb buttons with the Death Adder than with the G5. The DA also supports application specific profiles?

Another thing I forgot to mention is that this mouse is going to need to be run from a powered USB 2.0 hub that's shared with my MacBook. Would this pose a problem for any of these high-performance mice?

Thanks for the replies so far, they've been very helpful.

01-26-09, 01:04 PM
I have a G9 and like you I was deciding between all of those.

G9 is basically the perfect mouse. Lots of buttons and they all feel comfortable to use. I can't really stand it when I have to use another mouse. G9 just feels so good.

01-26-09, 04:09 PM
Steele Series Ikari. Best gaming mouse I have ever owned.

bob saget
01-26-09, 11:47 PM

No cons.

01-26-09, 11:56 PM

All pros.

bob saget
01-27-09, 12:09 AM
I love the side buttons for cod4 :)

01-27-09, 12:30 AM
What exactly does the G9 have that the G5 dont? from all i can see(ive looked at pictures)its a different shape and the buttons that controll the dpi are in a different position!

To me the G9 looks square and alot less comfortable than the G5.

01-27-09, 11:35 AM
I have a Microsoft Habu and it's a great mouse. Comfortable after long periods of play (I have small hands and short fingers as well), is very customizeable (physically as well as software), and Microsoft has great customer service. (My Habu was DOA and I got a replacement in a week, free shipping and I got to keep the DOA one which I eventually fixed).

So far the only gripe I have is that the grip picks up dirt a little too quickly and the swappable side buttons seem more like a novelty than anything else.

EDIT: Also, if you like the Deathadder, the two are essentially the same. Both are based off the Microsoft Intellimouse 3.0, the Habu just has more options.

01-28-09, 12:17 PM
I had a G5/G7, and very BREIFLY a G9 I wish I could have kept the g9 though. It was pretty damn good mouse. I picked up a Sidewinder (three of them so far) on ebay for around 20shipped, and I am very impressed with them so far. Odd shape to get used to imo, and I hated it when I tried it out in the store but it grew one me.

01-28-09, 01:07 PM
Thanks to everyone here, I just placed an order for a G9. With an instant rebate and store credit from Amazon, the actual out-of-pocket cost was less than $10 with shipping. Razer themselves actually helped in the decision process by ignoring an e-mail I sent with a few questions about their products. If this doesn't work out, I'll either exchange it for a G5 or simply keep my MX 518.

01-28-09, 01:09 PM
I had an MX1000 for years, but just recently got a G9 as they were cheap due to the new G9 coming out. I love it. It does take a little while to get used to, especially after an MX1000, but it's a great mouse. The interchangeable grips and weights means you should be able to find a combination that suits you perfectly.

02-02-09, 08:52 PM
All I know is that I drop my logitech cordless mouse at least 10 times a day on a hardwood floor and it just keeps going. So I say one of the logitech ones.:headexplode:

02-02-09, 08:59 PM
Actually the g7 is the one that caught my eye. I like the sleaker ones over the fat ergonomic style. Hmm...:captnkill:
So that or the g5.

02-04-09, 04:07 AM
All I know is that I drop my logitech cordless mouse at least 10 times a day on a hardwood floor and it just keeps going. So I say one of the logitech ones.:headexplode: