View Full Version : Logitech MX518

01-27-09, 12:38 AM
Seems to be a good mouse (good mouse) but its pretty old. I can get one brand new cheap to replace my broken Razer Copperhead, damn mouse can't be right clicked anymore.

Anyone here thinks its a sensible purchase?

01-27-09, 12:47 AM
I'd say the MX518 and the G5 are still the best wired mice you can buy today. Go for it.

01-28-09, 03:13 AM
thanks man :D just bought it! Looks nice and I'm gonna test it tonight

01-31-09, 11:47 AM
Great mouse, I still use one, and I'm going to buy another one when I see it on sale again.

I've tried many others, at friends places and borrowed them for testing, MX518 is just simple, sleek and a great performer.

01-31-09, 11:58 AM
Yup, I'm yet to find a better mouse. Though the G5 looks nice.