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Zane Krate
06-01-03, 02:21 AM
I'm almost a complete n00b/newbie when it comes to how video cards/GPUs work. I don't really know what a shader does (shade I suppose ;)) or even if it's a hardware or software implemented feature. I know how to build a computer, and am actually up to date on most of the latest mobo, CPU, and video cards.

I hate to take up NVNews' bandwidth with a n00b thread like this, but can someone perhaps recommend a web site, book, or any other source where I can read up on the basics of GPU architecture, how GPU programming languages (like Cg) work, and anything else related to the understanding of video cards/GPUs/whatever.

Thanks a million guys! :)

06-01-03, 02:00 PM
ah...an inquiring mind...
Good for you.

i think this anandtech introductory article did a good job of explaining how morden GPU works...


i like www.beyond3d.com since their forum members are actual 3d coders and their discussion is highly technical. I don't understand most of their discussions but if you want more technical website that discusses mordern GPU and 3d technology rather than websites that discuss which card is better buy, i guess that's once place you can go to.

I like reviews that give insight to or explanation to why one such card performs slower of faster in certain task rather than those that just show bar graphs and state one is simply faster than another. once such site is www.digit-life.com even if it's just assumption or guess of the reviewer.

good luck

06-01-03, 02:10 PM
I would go to www.beyond3d.com and read what the developers have to say about technology ( in the forums).

There are some pretty astute folks over there.