View Full Version : New Creative Beta Driver for Windows 7 Users!!

01-29-09, 08:36 PM
So I just installed Windows 7 on my rig today, and headed over to creative to grab a driver for my X-Fi Fatal1ty, only to find that they released a windows 7 beta driver yesterday!!

It's version is 2.18.0008 (which is the same as the latest official driver for Vista...) so I don't know if there is anything different with it. But it works great.


01-30-09, 05:00 AM
Does it support the DTS and DDL addon packs?

01-30-09, 06:21 AM
Looks like they are back up to their old ways. No beta driver listed for anything older than Xfi.

DanielK has been back since Win7 beta release. He has a pack for Audigy and another for Xfi. I've been using the Audigy ones with success.

I has an issue with my mic sounding low and choppy. I thought it may be the drivers, but it wasnt. I am now running onboard sound with the Audigy 2 just for the mic input. It works fine now. Anyone else have the mic problem in 7?