View Full Version : Alchemy and Counter Strike source with 7.1 audio BSOD, HELP!!!

01-31-09, 12:59 PM

Im on vista Ultimate x64 using x-fi Fatality. When playing counter strike source i keep getting a blue screen followed by a system restart.

The blue screen cannot be reproduced at will, it could happen in 30 mins when im playing or in a few hours or sometimes i dont even get a blue screen until a few days of about 1-2 hour css sessions.

I am using Alchemy with game path, buffer:5, duration 10 and voice count 128.

How can i fix this?


02-01-09, 06:31 AM
you are definately sure its the audio card?

02-02-09, 04:55 AM
you are definately sure its the audio card?

Yes because that's the only game i use alchemy on. All the other game i play i haven't got any bsod.

I never use to get bsod when i was on 5.1 setup but now that im on 7.1 i get the odd bsod on css.

I remember before i use to get bsod on most games with 5.1 setup because creative drivers had a problem with systems running 4gb ram on vista but they fixed the 4gb ram issue a few releases back.

I am on the latest drivers and i am on 7.1 speaker setting on vista and i use 5.1 in-game setting on css because when i use 7.1 in-game i get a bsod more often; when i use 5.1 in-game setting i hardly get a bsod but it does happen very rarely.

When i was on 5.1 setting on vista with 5.1 setting in-game on css i never got bsod but now im on 7.1 vista and 5.1 css i get the bsod very rarely and with 7.1 vista and 7.1 css i get a bsod quite often.