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God For Hire
02-01-09, 08:49 AM
Hi and thanks for taking time to help.

ASUS Striker II NSE 790i
GTX 280 1GB
OCZ Gold 4GB(2x2gig) DDR3 1600
Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550
Coolmax 1200W
WD 1TB 7200RPM

I finished putting a new PC together last week and I've been having freezing issues with it.

First I installed the Windows 7 beta and when I would play games the PC would freeze after 10-30mins and just hang there. I couldn't alt-tab, ctrl-alt-del or do anything to get out of the game but just reboot the PC. I thought it might be a windows 7 thing so I reformatted and installed XP.

After getting the XP install finished and the newest gfx driver installed I tried to play a game and it froze up and just hung there again.

Getting this PC running as been a hell of one mess up after another. Now I'm almost done and this crap crops up. If anyone can tell me what I need to do to get this working I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance,

02-01-09, 09:01 AM
Are you running at stock speeds?

What version is you motherboard BIOS?

02-01-09, 09:12 AM
Temps could be an issue....is the cpu seated correctly?

If all seems ok then take off any printers webcams etc and have the computer running with minimal driver installations...monitor temps for the gpu and cpu and make sure you have the newest bios/drivers including chipset drivers installed for your hardware, if your overclocked then load defaults in bios.

If failing that run memtest and look for any errors.

God For Hire
02-01-09, 09:17 AM
Thanks for the reply.

All stock speeds, no OCing. I have the newest bios for my mobo. I've checked the temps during a few of the freezings and nothing is over heating.

Where can I get a good memtest program?

02-01-09, 10:12 AM

God For Hire
02-01-09, 01:08 PM
Ok, I was able to play a game for about 45mins(the longest so far) and then it froze up. So I'm pretty sure its a heating thing. Now I just need to find out whats over heating, any ideas?

02-01-09, 01:27 PM
First of all, how much do you charge an hour? I'd love to have a God under my control. I really could accomplish a lot... :firedevil

Okay, joking aside, I'd start first with the video card. And maybe it isn't a heat issue per say. It could be bad VRAM, it could be faulty drivers (though usually those will result in a BSOD I believe). Really hard to say.

I guess, to really tax the system, run a demo loop of Crysis and just have everything 100% cranked in-game and in the driver control panel as well. That will put a hefty load on the GPU. If it never freezes, then I'd rule out the GPU as being the culprit.

Did you run memtest? If so, for how long? I usually let it run while I'm asleep (roughly 8 hours). You might give that a go.

Also, try the lates Prime95, let that run for about 8 hours as well. If the rig does not freeze or produce any errors for both Memtest and P95, then odds are the proc and RAM are not the culprit either. I'd then start looking to the software. Try uninstalling and then reinstalling all drivers. Try the latest versions, and then try some older versions. Try updating DX as well.

After all of that if the freezing still continues, maybe check your powersupply? Make sure it's not underpowered. Double check ventilation, etc.

Good luck bro. Hope you get it running soon. :D

God For Hire
02-02-09, 04:00 AM
So I was able to get a GPU temp monitoring program and ran it well playing a game. When the PC froze up the GPU was only at 77C and as far as I can tell thats not overheating. I think I might have put to much thermal paste down when I seated the CPU, so I'm going to reseat it and see if that works.

EDIT: So I've done anything you've said and other people have said and nothing has worked. I called ASUS and they said that its a probably faulty board, something about the northbridge. Anyway, I'm just gonna get newegg to replace it and hopefully that one will work.

Will I have to reinstall windows when I put in the new board?

Thanks for all the help,