View Full Version : How to properly use CMSS-3D headphones?

02-03-09, 09:54 AM
I already did a search on this. I just got a X-Fi XtremeGamer. Ive read that in order to properly use it is to set windows speaker settings to 5.1 speakers while leaving your creative audio console settings to headphones and also enable CMSS-3D heaphones. Then while in game, set the game's audio speaker settings to 5.1 speakers and then you'll be able to get surround sound with your stereo headphones. I tried this out today, and was rather impressed with the sound. So why is it that we have to "cheat" windows and the game in order to use CMSS-3D headphones? If i set everything solely to headphones (Windows, creative audio console, in-game) the sound is so muffled its making my ears hurt, literally...

Also do you guys listen to your music with CMSS-3D headphones enabled? When i do so the sound is muffed up as well. Which is disappointing because i kinda like the way CMSS-3D enhances the instrumentals of most music.