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02-05-09, 03:00 PM
Well i'm taking a trip to the Dam this year, and i'm looking to get rid of my laptop for some spending cash while I am there.

I posted it up on Craigslist in Dallas/Texas but I have not had any luck (mostly scammers unfortunately).

So I figured it would be wise to post it here, I would "rather" do this locally but we can work out shipping options if needed.

The laptop is absolutely flawless and it runs as it did when it was new. I still have the original box and recovery cd's and manual.

The specs are as follows; Intel Core 2 Duo P8400 2.26GHz, 802.11n WLAN, 4GB DDR3, 200GB HDD, DL DVDRW, 9800m GTS (512mb), 17" WUXGA (1920x1200), eSATA, HDMI, Webcam, Windows® Vista Home Premium 64 bit.

I am looking to get $950 (if shipping is required we will have to work out a carrier.)

I am not taking any trades so please do not bother.

I don't have any single pictures of the laptop (yet), but here is one of my overall desk area which shows you the laptop. I will take more pictures when I get home (posting from work) and post the links here.

Img1 (http://roliath.com/images/desk.jpg)
Img2 (http://roliath.com/images/desk_1.jpg)

*new*img3 (http://roliath.com/images/7811/DSCF0397.JPG)
*new*img4 (http://roliath.com/images/7811/DSCF0399.JPG)
*new*img5 (http://roliath.com/images/7811/DSCF0400.JPG)

If you have absolutely ANY questions, or inquiries please feel free to PM me.

Heatware = Roliath
ebay = Roliath

(also posted on hardforum/nbr)

02-05-09, 04:04 PM
ROFL @ the bong!

Is this the model with 512VRAM or 1GBVRAM?

02-05-09, 04:11 PM
512Mb, it was one of the first released I believe. I do think I still have the original receipt aswell.

02-05-09, 04:13 PM

02-05-09, 10:39 PM
added pics above.

Laptop was purchased 8-30-08.

02-09-09, 10:08 AM
bump, prolly will end up on ebay beginning of next week.

02-10-09, 05:49 PM
dropped the price a bit

02-14-09, 02:10 AM
It was sold locally this evening.
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