View Full Version : Is it ok to test out every nvidia driver humanly possible?

06-03-03, 07:19 AM
The reason i ask is because i want to see what drivers performenc the best my system by testing out a whole lot of nvidia drivers. Like 10 + drivers. Would that be ok to do or would i have to maybe reformat my hard drive and reinstall windows xp after i am done because i tried so many drivers out ? The reason i am thinking that is because the registry could get filled with useless stuff thats all. If i have to reformat and reinstall windows xp that would be ok but if i don't have to that would be better. Has anyone done this before? I am sure many have. I done a few differnt drivers before testing them out. Like 2 to 5 but never 10 +

Heck by the time i am done testing out drivers i may have tested 50 different drivers lol. I am very picky.

St Lobus
06-03-03, 10:13 AM
I would assume that as long as you uninstall the old drivers before you install the new ones each time, you should be okay. I myself have uninstalled and reinstalled Dets quite a bit without reformatting and haven't had any problems.

06-03-03, 01:25 PM
Use one of the many driver destroyer programs available.

06-04-03, 05:35 AM
Yeah, go sick. Most of us have installed oodles of drivers up to the present with no side effects. Since you're running WindowsXP, you will have the best driver experience. Very rarely do you even need to uninstall, just update over instead.

06-04-03, 07:18 AM
so far as I know though, you can only go back so far in the dets depending on which card you own. If the detonator version released before you card was, thgen obviously don't use that one.

06-04-03, 08:11 AM
If you have a GeForce3 (non-Ti) any driver after version 12.00 will work. GeForce3 Ti and higher you can use 22.xx and higher. GeForce4 (any kind) is fine after version 27.xx and GeForce FX is around 41.09.

If you're running XP, you will have the easiest time uninstalling/reinstalling drivers. Just remove them via control panel, add/remove programs while in safe mode, reboot, reinstall, reboot again and you're ready to roll.

GL with your tests. :)

06-04-03, 10:10 AM
although xp is a great os, it's still behind 98/me in some stuff. for example everytime you change a driver it adds the same entries again and again in registry. see hkey_local_machine/system/currentcontrolset/control/video to know what i mean. the same thing happens with monitor drivers too in which case you can end up having many zombie entries of the same monitor as it adds them again and again everytime you're changing your driver...hkey_local_machine/system/currentcontrolset/control/class and hkey_local_machine/system/currentcontrolset/enum/display and hkey_local_machine/software/microsoft/windows/currentversion/controlpanel/settings/video
ofcourse that said, these entries won't do any harm, but some people are really annoyed anyway about that (including me). only solution is to manually delete them, everytime you're changing your driver.