View Full Version : help? wireless 360 controller, XP, gameport problem.

02-12-09, 12:34 PM
hey there, hopefully someone can help.

wireless 360 controller, shows up in device manager, doesnt show up in the control panel>game controllers, also i cant even add a simple 2-button controller because 'gameport drivers arent configured'

asus p5w-dh deluxe.

i thought gameport automatically got installed with the chipset drivers?

im confused... 2 days of googling and i get every answer under the sun.. ive tried generic gameport drivers, doesnt work...


02-13-09, 02:01 PM
Gameport ,That would be the midi port on a soundcard,
You are barking up the wrong tree trying to configure a gameport joystick.

You have a pc reciever for the 360 pad then, Try plugging it in to a motherboard usb port if you havent already.
Someone said that works.

Does it need drivers and are they installed?

Is your 360 gamepad sync'd to it?

Should it show as a controller even before you sync the controller?