View Full Version : Just bought Fear 2, steam won't let me play it

02-13-09, 01:48 PM
Ok, so I bought Fear 2, activated it online, played it for a couple of hours... turned off the computer, came back to it later and steam is really slow. And I can't play fear 2 without steam running and logged in for some reason. I've googled it and it won't let me go into offline mode, it just says it can't establish a connection to steam. Have unplugged internet connection, etc.

Anyone got any suggestions? Aside from doing the sensible thing I should have done in the first place? (lee)

02-13-09, 05:09 PM
Verify game cache? Other than that, I dunno... it should work offline for a certain amount of time.

02-13-09, 05:25 PM
Never had any issue with steam other then the friends list going down every now and then...

02-13-09, 06:17 PM
I had one issue one time where it kept saying a game was unavailable, but restarting Steam fixed it.

Restarting Steam seems to fix a lot of things.

02-13-09, 06:43 PM
try deleting your blob files

02-14-09, 04:21 PM
Steam on Vista shows Offline mode only ,I can still connect to servers and stuff ,Just not see the shop and demo's etc.

Do I have to uninstall Steam to fix this?