View Full Version : Wierd question related to SLi, and drivers?

02-14-09, 03:44 PM
Guy's, im almost embarrassed to ask this question: I have been using SLi off and on since the 6800Ultra days. I've had 6800U in SLi, 7800GT's in SLi, and 7900GTO's in SLi and never understood SLi profiles? I am now using a GTX295, and not sure if my games are using both GPU's but performance seems fine. Lets just start from a clean slate. Lets say I just installed 182.05 driver, restarted, and go into NV CP and set my initial settings (all geared toward performance, no image quality) apply my settings, and go play UT3. UT3 plays OK, but how do I know UT3 is using both GPU's on the 295? You cant enable the green SLI indicator bars with this card, and "enable multi-gpu" is selected. You now what I mean, how can I be sure that my games (UT3, L4D, UT2004, FC2) are in fact using both GPU's? Like I said earlier, PC is running great, and games are too, this is just a generic question folks. Appreciate any input you can provide me.

02-14-09, 03:59 PM
You could use a hardware monitor app, temperatures is a good indication something is being used.

I think you should grab nHancer as well, with it you can play around with sli profiles and do overrides.

02-14-09, 04:59 PM
Temps, thats a good start. I do notice my temps are typically 1-2c apart from each other....