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02-17-09, 08:30 AM
Hi guys
help me if ya can
this si the case
Gigabyte GA-EX38
kingston hyper x 4gb PC6400DDR2
antec P190
PC HD4870 512mb
HDD´s WD 1TBx2 GP 1WD 1TB BLACK(System disk)

so the problme is and has been a few days the PC can start and then shuts down starts shuts down until i shut it down via the PSu´s

now to the wierdiest thing my wife or so moved the mouse away and the damn computer starts up shuts down starts up and so on she pamnics shuts down one psu the one controlling amongst the case fans, adn finnaly cuts the power.

so what can this have to do with? is it the new WD BLack is it the motherboard or si it some usb port the CPu? or the radeon?


02-19-09, 03:45 AM
I'd start with defaulting the bios.

The very first time I booted up my puter after putting it together I almost freaked out. Everything starts up, then shuts down and then starts up and then proceeds to bootup. After looking this up it was a feature. It was needed to set the cpu speed or what not.
This will always happen if I cut the power (removing the power cord or flipping the master power sw on the psu), or if I make changes to fsb in bios. After latest OC however it puter always powers down before a reboot.

If your mobo is doing the same power up/power down sequence before booting up and there's some hardware conflict making it reboot that could explain the infinite loop that occurs.

Might also be wise to check the psu. If it's close to the limit then it might need changing as psu's get weaker over time. If it's well within specs however then it must be something else.

I'd also suggest you try removing ram sticks and try them one at a time.

02-19-09, 08:30 AM
Welcome to Gigabyte's "boot loop". ;)

02-19-09, 11:38 AM
Exactly why my GA X38 lasted two days before I sent it back. That and the fact memory would not run stock stable.