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02-19-09, 05:33 PM
Info: http://kotaku.com/5156821/the-return-of-american-mcgees-alice-set-for-pc-consoles

Cool pic:


Impressions: HELL YES!

02-19-09, 05:42 PM
Very very great news as I have waited like forever for the second game. the first really rocked and now we just want to here about Undying2 if it will ever come!

02-19-09, 05:43 PM
Wow, they are going to **** this up.

02-19-09, 05:50 PM
I hope its as good as the original... American McGee better still have it in him.

02-19-09, 06:17 PM
Wow, they are going to **** this up.

Yeah, from his recent product showings, I'm not very optimistic about this one.

02-20-09, 03:50 AM
epic.. this is gonna be epic!

02-20-09, 10:29 AM
a bit concerned few last games from American McGee where quite bad.

02-20-09, 10:43 AM
All they need to do is reskin the old one... in fact I need to track that game down, I don't think I own it anymore.

02-20-09, 10:46 AM

I'm excited and terrified by this. Alice is one of my favorite games of all time, yet I can't help but feel like a sequel can't possibly live up to the original. Even a straight up remake of the original with modern graphics would be amazing though.

Oh, and regarding the last line of the article: the reasons they didn't do mulitplayer in the original are still just as valid now. It doesn't fit the game and I'd rather have them focus on the single player.

02-20-09, 11:09 AM
As long as EA does not screw it up..

My oldest will be happy, she has and still loves the original and dresses up like Alice each Halloween.

02-20-09, 12:30 PM
I did liked American McGee's recent game, GRIMM on Gametap. I liked the style and maybe it't not as dark as I've hoped but hey did pretty well with newer episodes. It seems to get darker and darker.

American Mcgee had some tough time, he left several studios he formed and finally he seems to be happy with his new studio, Spicy Horse. I'm surprised EA wanted to see the sequel to Alice and actually team up with American Mcgee once again. I doubt EA's going to ruin it... EA has produced some excellent games like Dead Space and Mirror's Edge.

I'm going to replay Alice soon. :D

02-20-09, 12:33 PM
Well, just read from Kotaku:

Deadly jumping jacks, a vivisected dormouse, and a suicidal Alice were the products of famed designer American McGee's first trip through the looking glass. There's no telling where his second will take us.

"We've given him a blank canvas to go where he would like," said David DeMartini, Electronic Arts Partners chief. "There is nothing set in stone and nothing has been removed either."

Writing on his personal blog today, McGee said that the sequel to American McGee's Alice, currently named The Return of American McGee's Alice, will have the same writer and executive producer as the original game.

"The original Alice was a good bit of fun - and aspects of the original are still quite compelling," he wrote. "The challenge for us - to build a great game, and a sequel worthy of the original - is real, but not daunting.

"For me, this is a dream come true."

It could be for Electronic Arts Partner label as well.

Although the current project is part of a single game contract, it doesn't mean that collaboration won't lead to other titles down the line, DeMartini said.

"We are really having him focus on this one for now," he said. "Letting him create as strong a game as he can."

But if the game does well, it could lead to future projects.

DeMartini said that there currently aren't any plans to bring the original Alice out of retirement, even as a port for the Playstation Network or Xbox Live Arcade, but that it "wasn't a bad idea."

He added that while the new Alice project, which isn't connected in anyway to the film that has been in the works for yeas, is being developed for the PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, that doesn't mean it will never come out on the Wii.

"It is possible we would revisit that," he said.

"People loved the original game, loved the gameplay," he said. "It was highly creative and interesting."

When EA Partners started thinking about returning to Alice, they "felt that there would be no better place to turn than to the original creative force behind the first game," he said.

"The first place we turned was to American and American shared a passion for the IP and he's had eight years to think about it."



02-20-09, 12:47 PM
He linked this news story (http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090219/ap_en_ot/games_alice_1) from his blog too. According to that they started working on it two years ago, which seems to disagree with what the Kotaku story says. Unless that was two years of preproduction, and I suppose that's possible.

Oh, and they need to bring Chris Vrenna back for the soundtrack. It was fantastic in the first game.

02-20-09, 06:24 PM
Now im really excited, EA have give him free hands and the same story writer, this cant go wrong or it will go totaly wrong eeh ..wonderfull news annyway so heres hoping!

02-20-09, 10:55 PM
Great news :) I loved the first.

02-20-09, 11:54 PM
Man, the first was really something special. I"ve been playing it lately (after dropping some money on ebay, lol) and I've really enjoyed it. Especially the dark "mental illness" angle. The graphics where way ahead of their time and the style is second to none, even now.