View Full Version : geforce 9300 Nvidia HDMI audio: no sound

02-21-09, 01:24 PM

I just built up a multimedia PC with an ASUS P5N7A-VM mobo.

It has a GeForce 9300 IGP that works nicely under winXP ... except that I can't get any sound through HDMI. Well, not exactly: I do get something when I fire up Skype.

I did install all relevant drivers from nvidia.com and set up winXP to use the NVIDIA HD Audio as the default sound output system. The mobo has HD Audio through a realtek chip as well, which is available in the winXP sound setup but I am using HDMI and therefore prefer to use the NVIDIA capability for that.

Why would skype's sounds work and not an mp3 file in VLC or WMP ? this eludes me completely!

Video driver used:

HD Audio driver used:

02-23-09, 09:47 AM
here is the funny thing:

since skype worked and not other standard app, I tried a few more apps. I installed MythTV Player (since I have a linux mythtv backend, that makes sense :) ) and tried it. Sound was coming out beautiful :) Now, while mythtv player was running, I launched WMP or VLC and played some mp3 files. They were playing fine. Then I stopped and closed mythtv player. VLC or WMP still worked if I did not stop their playback before I closed the mythtv app but would not work any longer if I stopped them and played back the same mp3 files.

Something is definitely weird. Either it is the NVIDIA HD audio driver that has some issues, or some apps that interact weird with it (I use the DirectX sound plugin in these apps).

I also forgot to add that I checked whether the windows XP sound scheme woule be heard. So I enabled it (I always disable it when I install XP). I tried each event sound in the list of sounds that came with the XP sound theme. Some are heard loud, some not very loud, some not at all. The "famous" windows start sound is the loudest but is not heard entirely. It's like some sound samples are cut off.

I can only think it's an nvidia audio driver issue.