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02-22-09, 02:07 AM
Major spoilers ahead!


I can't wait! :)

02-22-09, 02:11 AM


02-22-09, 02:53 AM
Shame on you! :p

I'm on my third playthrough. Still need to finish getting some Achievements. :captnkill: Already seen both endings though. ;)

02-22-09, 05:04 AM
I just started playing Mass Effect but school kept me from getting farther. :(

02-22-09, 05:26 AM
so after all that....the hero is dead -.-.

02-22-09, 09:02 AM
so after all that....the hero is dead -.-.


Can't wait... big fan of the first. Gonna try and hold out for the PC port this time.

02-22-09, 09:38 AM
I haven't finished this game yet on the PC. I finished it on the XB360 though. I think I will wait till ME2 is out on the PC this time before I play it cause it looks so much better.

02-22-09, 01:31 PM
Needs more Ashley Williams arse IMHO.

02-22-09, 01:37 PM
I still haven't finished the first one... :o
Me neither :o

bob saget
02-22-09, 02:35 PM
i need to play the first one eventually, maybe with new computer, it looked fun.

02-22-09, 02:46 PM
i need to play the first one eventually, maybe with new computer, it looked fun.
In Soviet Russia, they play Mass Effect 2 first :p

bob saget
02-22-09, 02:48 PM
In Soviet Russia, they play Mass Effect 2 first :p

i wouldnt be surprised if thats true :lol:

02-22-09, 05:14 PM
Nice! Cant wait. ME1 was one of my fave games

02-22-09, 05:56 PM
I loved ME1 (played it twice... which I never do on any game anymore) :) Can't wait for this to come out for PC :D

02-22-09, 06:55 PM
I was just thinking about buying the first one on steam the other day? Should I watch this or will it ruin it.

02-22-09, 09:20 PM
dont watch it

02-22-09, 09:27 PM
hopefully the second will be more like a real RPG from Bio

02-22-09, 09:32 PM
I just peed myself a little bit.

I absolute LOVED the first one, minus some issues here and there.

Can't wait for this. I'm betting the whole "killed" is part of the storyline, and you're not really dead... or maybe Bioware determined it'd be too hard to crossover game data from ME1 into ME2 and is just creating new characters...

Damn, the excitement is killing me!

02-22-09, 10:21 PM
I just had another look at the trailer.

At first I thought that the robot dude (can't even remember the races anymore!) was wearing Shepherd's armour, but if you look at the left hand corner just as the camera is zooming out you can see a human face (Shepherd's), which means that the robot dude is actually carrying him.

I'm gonna go ahead and guess that the game begins with him being captured or something and people thinking he's dead. Maybe you get to play as other characters while you rescue him? Though that doesn't make sense from and RPG point of view.

02-22-09, 11:43 PM
where did you see a face?

02-23-09, 12:15 AM
The Geth are so happy Shepard broke Sovereign's hold over them they get married. Ashley is heartbroken but retains her amazing arse.

02-23-09, 02:01 AM
I thought you said they have lesbian sex in the foliage in front of a mirror?

Oh wait, wrong game. :D

And I see no face either. I already watched it frame by frame towards the end. The thing I'm assuming is that Shepard fakes his/her death or something to infiltrate the Geth and find out where the Reavers are beyond The Veil.

I seriously hope I don't have to play as other characters to fill in the storyline. I really don't like that for reason. Maybe if it's for a very short time, but if Shepard is gone for half of the game, I'm seriously gonna have to wring some necks.

I really want to get a hold of some of the books and see if the storyline branches out more. The Mass Effect: Revelation is getting raving reviews. You get to check out Captain Anderson and Saren's shennanegans and everything that happened before the game actually took place. :) Remember, the refinery where Saren killed all those people was where it all started. The scientist they were supposed to find actually uncovered something about the Protheans and that's how this mess all got started.

The first book: Mass Effect: Revelation

Product Description
Every advanced society in the galaxy relies on the technology of the Protheans, an ancient species that vanished fifty thousand years ago. After discovering a cache of Prothean technology on Mars in 2148, humanity is spreading to the stars; the newest interstellar species, struggling to carve out its place in the greater galactic community.

On the edge of colonized space, ship commander and Alliance war hero David Anderson investigates the remains of a top secret military research station; smoking ruins littered with bodies and unanswered questions. Who attacked this post and for what purpose? And where is Kahlee Sanders, the young scientist who mysteriously vanished from the baseĖhours before her colleagues were slaughtered?

Sanders is now the prime suspect, but finding her creates more problems for Anderson than it solves. Partnered with a rogue alien agent he canít trust and pursued by an assassin he canít escape, Anderson battles impossible odds on uncharted worlds to uncover a sinister conspiracy . . . one he wonít live to tell about. Or so the enemy thinks.

About the Author
Drew Karpyshyn is the New York Times bestselling author of Star Wars: Darth Bane: Path of Destruction, and several other fantasy and science fiction novels. He is also an award-winning writer/designer for the computer game company BioWare, where he was lead writer on Mass Effect and the popular Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic video game. He lives in Canadaís hinterlands with his loving wife, Jen, and their cat.

Didn't even know he did the writing for KoToR! No wonder it was awesome! :)

Then it's the game Mass Effect. And then...

The book: Mass Effect: Ascension
Product Description
When they vanished fifty thousand years ago, the Protheans left their advanced technology scattered throughout the galaxy. The chance discovery of a Prothean cache on Mars allows humanity to join those already reaping the rewards of the ancientsí high-tech wizardry. But for one rogue militia, the goal is not participation but domination.

Scientist Kahlee Sanders has left the Systems Alliance for the Ascension Project, a program that helps gifted ďbioticĒ children harness their extraordinary powers. The programís most promising student is twelve-year-old Gillian Grayson, who is borderline autistic. What Kahlee doesnít know is that Gillian is an unwitting pawn of the outlawed black ops group Cerberus, which is sabotaging the program by conducting illegal experiments on the students.

When the Cerberus plot is exposed, Gillianís father takes her away from the Ascension Project and flees into the lawless Terminus Systems. Determined to protect Gillian, Kahlee goes with themÖ unaware that the elder Grayson is, in fact, a Cerberus operative. To rescue the young girl Kahlee must travel to the farthest ends of the galaxy, battling fierce enemies and impossible odds. But how will she be able to save a daughter from her own father?

This novel is based on a Mature-rated video game.

Then Mass Effect 2.

That would explain the Cerberus logo in the trailer at the beginning! :D

Hmmm. Now I really want the book. :(

wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/index.html?curid=17005346

But wait! There's more! Accoring to Drew Karpyshyn in an interview:

When can Mass Effect fans expect from their first taste of Ascension?

Mass Effect: Ascension will set up the second game in the same way Revelation set up the first game. It wonít focus on Shepard (thatís *your* story as the player), but it will introduce some new characters and themes that will figure prominently in the second game. I also bring back Kahlee Sanders from the first novel, and Iíll take a closer look at biotics and one of the alien species you got to meet in Mass Effect.

Whew. Almost had a cardiac arrest over that. So we do see Shepard in ME2. :D

02-23-09, 08:21 AM
where did you see a face?

Hmm.. my bad. Upon re-inspection I now see that it's just a patch of brownish material. It could be skin though.
I still stand by my theory that he might be captured/defeated in the opening act and that's where the game starts.

@shilk: I had no idea there were books!
At the very least I'm going to try and get my hands on Ascension.
Seems to me that the whole Cerberus ordeal is going to be a main topic in Mass Effect 2.
Thanks for the info.

On a side note, what are the two different endings?
I was a goody-two-shoes all throughout the game, and I got the dude killed (so sue my, I wanted to bang Ashley :p). I was also able to save Wrex, and I chose Anderson (the previous captain of the Normandy) as the Council Representative at the end.

EDIT: Oh yeah.. .spoiler alert?

02-23-09, 09:14 AM
Great game, can't wait for Mass Effect 2. I will probably replay Mass Effect 1 right before i get Mass Effect 2 :)

Can't wait for KOTOR 3 too.

02-23-09, 09:46 AM
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