View Full Version : Calculate your PSU requirements and energy costs

02-23-09, 05:29 PM

Im sure most people know about this already, but its never hurts to inform some more people.

Its great for calculating your required PSU. The more expensive version has a "ahem" workaround that you can find out.

It can also be used to help work out your energy bills :)


Calculate the amount of hours you wish to measure. Say 17hrs a day x 365 days = 6205 hours.

then calculate the power your pc uses. I put my system load at 60% which is lower than the default 90%

My GTX 295, Quad core rig sucks up a constant 328w for example.

Then multiply the watts used by the hours you require eg for me = 6205x328 = 2035240

Divide your result by 1000 to get your kwH. eg 2035240 / 1000 = 2035.24kwh

I get raped to the tune of 0.16 per kwh so I divide the kwh by my unit cost. (see your energy suppliers website for details).

So apparently I will be paying a total of 325 a year in electricity. :headexplode:

So, I wish I hadnt taken the time to do this now, as i've never bothered to track my pc usage before, and my current pc is not as efficent as my new one and I never turn my pc off >_>

Anyway hope this helps, and if ive messed up in any way please let me know.