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06-04-03, 11:11 PM
Heey everybody,

Today purchased 5600 card from BFGTECH reformatted the drive
and made clean install. Well...... :-( Not clean after all.
The refresh for 5600 stuck at 60hz!!! :-( My monitor trough DVI can do 75 in hardware I know this for sure cause 4200 gave me 75hz on dvi without any problems now... A new card getting screwed from the first time with WHQL drivers. Why in the world NVIDIA wouldn't test such a popular config as IC7-G mother board from ABIT with 5600 card??? brbrb Sorry... Had to vent cause it is a bit frustrating to spend 5 hours in front of the comp only to get nowhere.... I've installed refresh rate "fix" from http://www.guru3d.com only to find out that it is NOT working properly. Downloaded RIVA tuner and trying to figure it out on how it works. Everywhere I go I see 60HZ deadlocked and I just can't tolerate this sh...ty refresh rate cause after sitting in front of the computer for 10 hours (workin in software industry) I'm starting to get eye strain even with DVI interface since it gives me "safe" 60hz....

I'm NOT willing just to let it go and settle it for 60 and would greatly appreciate any help from ya guyz as to what may be at cause of it. Or to be more presice as to how to fix the screw up of developers.... Either at NVIDIA for making buggy driver and not fixing it. Or driver developers at VIewsonic who developed buggy infs for the 19` LCD monitor. :-(

Pleeeease help. I'm tired and give up. Wanna get some sleep and may be tomorrow will figure this silly sh...ty annoyance. brbrb I would understand if I'd get such an issue from old card but for the card I've just spent 250$ I don't think so. I expect such a trivial things as refresh rates to work properly with pretty popular brand as a VIewsonic.

Thanx all for your time. I do appreciate any help I can get. Sasha.

The Baron
06-04-03, 11:18 PM
Did you install RefreshForce. I'm on 56k and far too lazy to look up the URL. But once again, this is in the wrong forum anyway, more of a driver thing. Heh.

And yes, if you're going to say, "I installed a refresh rate fix that wasn't RefreshForce, why do I need RefreshForce," DON'T. Just install RefreshForce, set the stuff, and then we'll all be a couple of Fonzies.

06-04-03, 11:43 PM
Riva Tuner has refresh rate fix built in, and newer dets have refresh rate fix built in too (at least the 42.01's I'm using and I would assume others).

This should be fairly easy to fix, as anyone with Win2k or WinXP has the same problem. Good luck :bye:

The Baron
06-04-03, 11:46 PM
RT does, but it's not nice and automagic like RF. And I vaguely recall that the NVIDIA driver fix only fixes 2D and D3D and leaves OGL out to dry. I'd check, but alas, I am not on my desktop. No modem in it ;)

06-05-03, 12:04 AM
I'm continuing on figuring it out.

I just found out that there are apprently BIOS brewing in some of the manufacturers sites. BUt since the cards are pretty much identical well some of them are I will try to flash it up!! lol
I'f I will screw this up... WIll just have to return card tomorrow into the store and get the new one or even different model. :-)

That's a plus of getting products trough retail. lol

Guyz again, I'm not usually that wining. lol But it really ticked me off big time. 5 hours of pain with the new card So again thanx so much for all of your fast responses. And I may have a further questions as to get toe the bottom of it.

Later All! :-) Sasha.

p.s. I'm testing it right now with basic VGA cable and wanna see if it will make the difference. ALso will start looking for the program U mentioned earlier. Yes. At this particular time I'm not even worrying about Open GL nor D3D. I just wanna to get my desktop working on at least 75 or MIN 72 like ti4200. Cause sincerely I VERY MUCH can sense 60hz. It is pretty harmful for the eyes and after 15 minutes getting headache. Thanx again! Sasha..

06-05-03, 01:33 AM
I had a similar problem with my 9800 (yes an ATi card but bear with me here) where certain resolutions were stuck at refresh rates that were too low. For some reason, RefreshForce (http://www.pagehosting.co.uk/rf/) did not work for me. I had to run Powerstrip (http://www.entechtaiwan.com) to force the refresh rate across the board. Since then I haven't had any problems.

06-05-03, 02:31 AM
3 a.m. in the morning I've tried the program U guyz adviced earlier refresh enforcer. I got it from guru3d.com. Nope...
Surprisingly it didn't work. Yes it says updating registry for the monitor "......" which is active. So I'm restarting and nothing happens the same flicker and when I'm going to monitors information screen I see 60hz and not 70/72/ or 75. Lol I know when it is more than 70hz and I see one. If U guyz work with computers long ours U know what I'm talking about. U just get accostumed on sensing anything below 70... Especially if being in software industry for the past 10 years..

Yes I've tried powerstrip. It did had functionality to refresh on fly but honestly I don't know what a lots of these pixel settings do there are about 8-9 different pixel clock/refresh related settings... I'vetried one and received blank screen after that I understood that in order to potentially make powerstrip work U need to know muuuuch more about this program than I currently do..

So I decided.... looool (it's 2:30a.m) Screw the card. Went to gainward loaded the BIOS into the bfg assylum and updated it from 38 to 40!!! Ha ha ha ha ! That was kamikaze trick. ;-) It booted up!!! Reloaded win from scratch only to the point as to load the driver and see??? Yup!!!!! I got all refresh rates up to
75(60/70/72/75) under vga cable into LCD monitor. Low and behold, plugging off VGA cable and plugging DVI ooooooops. Everything switches back to 60hz. No available selections...
Also the card became slightly unstable with the "new" BIOS. :-)
Sice I inadvertedly started this tread in the wrong section... Well.. I just may say the story about my experience with refresh rates:
1. GF2 MX400 (gainward) VGA cable could supply 60/72/75HZ to my LCD 19` monitor

2. ti4200 could supply 60/72hz to the monitor (when I unchecked option "hide modes that monitor cannot disply" I got 75hz too which is MAX that Viewsonic19LCD can get with 1280-1024

3.All In WOnder 9700PRO game me with np 60/72hz (It broken down after few month of use without overclocking... My luck :-(

This was all immediately after clear XP load..

Now BFG5600 256MB was the first card that gave me ONLY 60hz at startup and the option "hide modes that monitor cannot disply"
could not be enabled at all.

Now I gues if I'd invest another day or 2 into this I might of resolved that with your help guyz. But the small and silly thing like refresh rate has taken far too long of a time to fix for me at this point. If developers at BFG couldn't test it out and assure that people can get at least 70hz from the start up with XPsp1 and ICG-7 875 motherboard. (All of these products are top of the line pretty much?) Well than this card from BFGTECH is just not worth it. I've been more than patient with this card 8.5 hours spent only on figuring out what could possible go wrong with this refresh 3 full reinstallations.... lol

Tomorrow early morning I will return it. Will add another 100$ and will buy 9800/128MB. Hope that it will work.

Again guyz, I'm sorry for starting the topic in the wrong place. When will try the 9800 card trough DVI with my monitor will let U know about the results. Hope that XP service pack 2 will be released soon and will take care of these annoyances once and for all. LAter all.

06-05-03, 11:42 AM
If you haven't turned it in yet, you may want to make sure that you have the latest monitor driver or *.inf file for your particular monitor. I am not sure if LCDs need one, but most CRTs do IIRC. Most Windows OS will install a "Plug and Play" monitor driver for you or the one that comes on the XP CD. I would try finding a suitable *.inf on the monitor manufacturer's web site and then trying RefreshForce or Powerstrip again. If you already had a suitable *.inf from ViewSonic, i.e., one that said the brand and make of your monitor in Device Manager, then disregard. I hope you get to the bottom of this regardless of which card you end up buying.

06-05-03, 11:43 AM
Try this

44.03 Compatibility
May 14, 2003 | A-KO | comments
I am now announcing fully tested compatibility with the latest Nvidia Detonator FX driver version 44.03 WHQL(available at http://www.nvidia.com.

So what are you waiting for? All of you Geforce owners go download NVRT2.1a and these drivers! Especially you lucky(and rich) GF-FX owners ;)



Current Version: 2.1a

I've used this program...and it is pretty good

Good luck

06-05-03, 11:53 AM
Here is the refresh force page, also try refresh lock, on the same page if the other one doesn't work.



06-05-03, 01:19 PM
Either I don't understand how LCD's work or it shouldn't matter one whit to you whether yours "runs" at 60 or 75 Hz.

I looked on viewsonic's site and all their monitors have a 25 ms response time, which means they can't physically refresh any faster than 40 Hz.

For you to see any benefit from 75Hz refresh, you'd have to have a response time of 13 ms. I don't think ANY LCD is that fast.

Am I missing something?

06-05-03, 01:57 PM
Originally posted by Zeno
Either I don't understand how LCD's work or it shouldn't matter one whit to you whether yours "runs" at 60 or 75 Hz.

I looked on viewsonic's site and all their monitors have a 25 ms response time, which means they can't physically refresh any faster than 40 Hz.

For you to see any benefit from 75Hz refresh, you'd have to have a response time of 13 ms. I don't think ANY LCD is that fast.

Am I missing something?

Isn't the response time the time it takes for a pixel to diminish from full on to a preset off brightness? IE similar to CRT phophor persistance? It might have a 40ms hold time, but can be refreshed many more times.?

06-05-03, 02:53 PM
I have a Viewsonic LCD and they actually recommend 60 Hz. I've been using 60 Hz on my all along. I was told by Viewsonic that the LCD doesn't really go by refresh rate. They have fixed pixels.

06-05-03, 05:38 PM
Heey everybody,

I returned 5600 in the morning and got myself 9800PRO. Yup, it did showed 60hz and 70hz under DVI!! When disabled hides modes which monitor cannot display I got 75 which is max for this monitor (Viewsonic VG191).

Hmm.. Yup this is interesting indeed. I will admit right off the bath that I know very little or close to nothing about LCD monitors and how they work.


Your replies guyz makes much sense. At least in theory they certainly do. I CAN NOT disagree with yr e-mails however..
THe only thing I remember from viewsonic brochure about 2 years ago when purchased this monitor is that it supports maximum 75 trough DVI. NOw when clicking on info from the hardware menu of the monitor itself it says whatever adapter generates against it V/H 60 V/H 70 e.t.c in trough DVI. Now I just tried 43/47/60/70/75 trough DVI and as crazy as it seems there is a difference between them not that much difference but after being 10 hours in front of it U may sense that too. LOL. Why did I got LCD in the first place it brings me to the question well... obviously cause it does not generate EMF radiation which been proven harmful to the eyes.

Now the lesson I've learned from all of it??????

I should sit less in front of the comp and do more clubbing!!! Cause apparently my logic is all haywired and I'm slowly but surely ging nuts! Ha ha ha ha ! <turning off the comp and dial my girls phone number and explaning why I haven't called for the past 2 days> loooool. :-)

Heey guyz, thanx a lots for all of your help. U'll see me more on the forums when will get 5900 when it will be released. Can't wait to get my hands on this one!

Now... I stand here as an example on what not to do in life. ;-) ;-) ;-) Laterz all. Sasha.

06-05-03, 06:22 PM
Heey gang,

an interesting thing I found in catalyst's panel:

"Reduce DVI frequency on high resolution displays"?? --->
now what they are explaning....

"Check this only if you are experiencing corruption or no image at high resolution timings 1280-1024/75HZ 1600-1200/60HZ this setting has no effect on cards using DVI to VGA adapter"

Note that this comment is puzzling me even more. If LCDs interface has no relation whatsoever to individual pixel refresh rate or what we now know as to how fast pixel switches it self on and off (25ms in my case) so why there is VERY specific option in the Catalyst indirectly establishing such a relation??

Is that makes sense??

It is for me and you to ponder.... Laterz. Sasha.

p.s. Or... There's a second possibility... I'm more nuts than I thought previously. ;-)

06-05-03, 07:17 PM

period, I'm so effin tired of dumbass bait and switch threads like this...

06-05-03, 07:32 PM
Be cool and take it easy...........

But.... the man is correct about LCD. They don't have refresh rates.

I set mine at the lowest.....Default WinXP...but it doesn't really matter. LCD simply don't go with refresh rates.

I really got mine setup for my Kids' use. LCD would be a better choice for them than CRT.