View Full Version : Looking For A Replacement Screen For Laptop

02-26-09, 10:28 AM
I have a toshiba laptop,PSPCCC-06001C.The screen is broken and I need a new one.Are there any wholesalers or the such where I could get a replacement,I will try through Toshiba but they will tell me to send it in as they always do.I can do the repair myself just need a little help finding one.It's a really nice laptop too,so we need to get it fixed asap.Thnx Guys..:p

02-26-09, 12:12 PM
I searched Internet for the part PSPCCC-06001C, it is Toshiba SATELLITE P300-060 but cant find the replacement 17.1 inch screen on ebay so the only way is to sent it to Toshiba for repair or replace the screen.