View Full Version : Best forceware for tv-out?

02-28-09, 01:47 PM
I recently upgraded from an AGP 7600GT to a PCI-E 9800GT.
With this change, I also updated my nVidia software.
I have noticed that the "full screen video" option for dualview is now missing.
This was the setting which allowed me to watch a video in a small window on my monitor, while it played in fullscreen on the tv (for example).
I also now have to manually change the TV refresh rate each time.
So I am hoping someone can recommend a previous version of Forceware that would work better.
I don't play many games, so i'm not overly concerned with any loss of FPS!
Thanks in advance (nana2)

03-08-09, 04:31 PM
Which version of the force ware are you using?

Seemed to have worked for me since, ever.. Last time I used the TV-out was with 181.22 I suppose.