View Full Version : VIVO owners, a warning about drive 40.41

08-30-02, 05:33 AM
I installed the 40.41 drivers last night, and all went well except I lost the capability to capture video. I had removed the 29.80 driver completely and then installed the 40.41. But this wasn't enough, what you need to do is also remove the Nvidia WDM Driver listed in the add/remove program list. After the 40.41 driver is installed, then run the installer again for WDM. WDM ver 1.16 for Philips-based capture boards is available at:


Yes it says MSI in that link, but that driver will work on ALL philips-based boards. If you are unsure about which video capture chip you have, check the Nvidia display settings for TV decorder type, it will either list Philips or Conexant. Conexant drivers should be available form your manufactuer.


1) uninstall WDM driver thru add/remove programs
2) remove previous detonator and reboot
3) install Detonator 4 drivers
4) install WDM Driver 1.16

if you already made the mistake of not removing the WDM driver first like me thats fine, it can be done after Detonator 4 install

08-30-02, 08:00 AM
Thanks for the info Gator. I hadn't gotten around to testing my vid cap yet, but now that I've read your post I know I'll need to uninstall / reinstall my WDM Driver too.

BTW, GGs last night. (I've started to really enjoy the improvement in UT, especially in DM-AntiManifesto :D)